40 yd roll of batting

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Flojo Posted: Mon, Sep 16 2013 6:19 PM

Hooray! I've just received my 40 yard long roll of queen width of batting.  It was much cheaper to buy this way, gained about 5 queen quilts free doing it this way.  Now I have a quandary. Do I unroll just enough length (plus required extra) for each quilt from the roll as I go or do I roll it all on my batting rail and feed it out as needed on each quilt?  If I try to put it all on the rail at once, I will have to find space somewhere to unroll and open out the batting and then roll it up on the rail since it came rolled up folded in half.  How do you handle your rolls of batting?

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Jacy replied on Mon, Sep 16 2013 7:00 PM

I buy batting by the roll and I cut a piece each time I need some.


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How do you handle your rolls of batting?


I lay my huge roll of batting on the floor at the end of my cutting table. Pull out what I need and cut it off. The roll is a pain to store when you have a place as small as mine, but I put it in a corner and move it around as needed. I was going to mount it over the doorway on a heavy curtain rod but decided to go easy way and just put it upright in a corner until needed.

In the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

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Kris replied on Mon, Sep 16 2013 10:01 PM

I keep my bolt on the bottom bar of my quilt frame. I roll it off as I need it. I keep it folded in half and unfold after I cut the length I need.

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Elizabeth replied on Mon, Sep 16 2013 11:25 PM

I do it the same as Kris.  I have my white batting on the long arm bar and my off white roll in the closet.  When I rearrange my space and can have my long arm at 10 feet I can put both on the long arm.


From Sunny Southern CA

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