Recycle an old quilt?

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Flojo posted on Wed, Sep 4 2013 9:00 PM

I have a quilt, one that would be called a utility quilt, that has been on the couch for 10 years.  It has been used for everything from a pet bed to a nap pallet for grandchildren, a tent, a cover for nap time for ages 1 month to 70 years, well you get the idea.  The double binding is worn completely through in several places and the top has come loose from the binding in a few places. It has been machine washed and dried many times.  It is old, thin, soft, and cuddly.

The batting and backing is in good shape, the top not so much.  I have thought about trimming about 1/2" past the binding all around and rebinding it (I still have some of the fabric I used for the original binding)  My other thought is to use it as batting in another (new) quilt as both my grandmothers did with some of their old nearly worn out quilts. 

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this?

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What I would do would be to just fix the binding like you mentioned. I wouldn't want to change such a loved quilt too much. It sounds like everyone expects that quilt to be there when anyone needs to wrap up in something.



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Hi Flojo - I have one just like that. I went to my LQS and asked them who they knew. They actually gave me someone's card. I emailed her with some close up pictures. We still have yet to meet up but she specializes in repair of older quilts so I feel very comfortable about it. You might want to give it a try for a local person to hopefully repair it.

Georgetown CA I'd Rather Be Quilting

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One of your kids will love that quilt as a reminder of "home". If you can, see if you can find a white/ off white to match the pattern and redo the 1"-2" and then put on new binding. Yes, I know that will be work, but you asked.   : )

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Hi Flo, I have had a few of the quilts my DM made do the same thing. I used the same color fabric as she did. I had to square up one quilt a little too. I was able to make my binding the same way I always do, I start with 2 1/2 " strips. I know some use 3" strips. I have a quilt I need to fix, my DS wants it. I also have to fix a few blocks, the fabric is worn to threads. I'm thinking about using hand applique, a heart over the bad piece. I want to kept it as close to original as I can.  Good luck with yours.

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I go with putting new binding on it and any other repairs that need to be made.  I'm sure that quilt means comfort to everyone who has used it over time - would be a shame to make big changes to it.

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I like your idea of trimming the edge adn re-binding.  Another thing I would consider is just sewing a border on top of the existing quilt (to prevent having to reduce the size).  It could be either a very wide binding or a border and a new binding.  This would go on top of the existing quilt - both front and back.  Just a thought.  

Raleigh, NC

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Marie replied on Fri, Sep 6 2013 10:55 AM

Flojo, I like your idea of a new binding especially since you have the same fabric for it..

Millbury, MA

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