Lighting for a "New" Sewing Room

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Roxana posted on Sun, Sep 1 2013 9:43 AM

My DH has given me permission to turn one of our spare bedrooms into a sewing room (as opposed to the small "retreat room off our bedroom that I use now." Anyway, he even told me to call the electrician so I could get the best lighting in there. (Wonderful man my DH is - Course I think he wants to sleep at night without the noise of my sewing, cutting, pressing, and generally moving around in that little space!)

So, I thought this would be the best place to ask what kind of lighting to you all recommend for my room? I get a small bit of the East morning sun but not much. No sun comes directly in the room later in the day. All that is in there now is a small ceiling fan light.

Any suggestions? I need some help!

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

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Lynn replied on Mon, Sep 2 2013 7:57 AM

Betty, your sewing areas are just gorgeous!!  I'd never come out if I had your studio space.  Oops, better be careful DH doesn't here that, he doesn't like to cook unless he's

Roxana, one suggestion I have is putting your quilting fabric on comic boards and just lining them up on book shelves.  Easy to get at and who wouldn't want a whole personal library of quilt fabric?  I find it inspiring to just stand and look at all the colors.

Any ideas on storing batting on a roll?


Calgary, Alberta

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....  Any ideas on storing batting on a roll?

This spring my hubby built me a rolling "dolly" with 2 vertical 2x4s. Nothing fancy - mind you.  Drilled 4 holes in the 2x4s and put two pieces of conduit through the holes to hold my batting rolls. Works great I can roll it into a corner when not in use and I can roll it out unroll the batting easily.

And - yes I love to go up there and sew but trust me that it no longer looks that neat and clean. Those were taken just after I moved everything in. But as you can see there were no flat ceilings and with the tongue and groove on the ceiling we could screw in loads of track lighting.  


A quilt will warm the heart.

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Jacy replied on Tue, Sep 3 2013 4:17 PM

I have track lighting in my sewing room. I can aim them where I please like the ironing board, sewing area, cutting area and design wall. The nice thing about track lights is that if you rearrange your space you can just adjust the light to shine where you'd like.

And what about a design wall? I would say put in the biggest one you can, it can never be too big. I often have several projects up at once and run out of room.


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Roxanna, If you spend a lot of time with the lights on, Dont Forget to keep light away from your fabric, if it is on an open shelve. It will fade after a while.  You have gotten lots of good ideas. I have a ceiling fan that runs all year long, a light over cutting table is on the Honey Do List.  Have fun and enjoy!  Susan

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