How to make your own blocks to make a lap quilt

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sissi Posted: Thu, Feb 25 2010 1:42 PM


I purchased some material with some nice words regarding a friend.....the blocks with the words on it are different sizes and I don't know how to put a nice quilt together without a pattern....

Does anyone know how to go about it?  I want to make a lap quilt...





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coming from a beginner and a person who hates using patterns, you could square up the blocks w/ words then frame up w/ fabric strips to make them all the same size...I am sure other more experienced quilters will have better suggestions.


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Nana replied on Thu, Feb 25 2010 4:15 PM


I would do the same thing Dee suggested.  I would sash the word blocks until the are all the same size and then add other blocks as desired.

Vinton, Virginia

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gini replied on Thu, Feb 25 2010 4:39 PM

sissi, i am doing just that for the back of a quilt now.   i made several large blocks.   to get them all the same size, i amd putting large sashings around all of them and then i will cut them to the same size.    that's easier than trying to measure each  block and then cutting the sashings so they all come out the same size.   gini

gini in north idaho

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Ditto! LOL

I've done this with some of the preprinted fabric from Block Party Studios -

As others have said, add fabric sashing/strips to the smaller blocks until you get a size you like and all your blocks are the same size.  You can play with it a bit, too.  For example, maybe you only want to add fabric to two sides of a smaller block instead of all 4.  So, if a large block measures 5" square and a small one is 2" square, you could add a 2"x3.25" strip to the top and then a 3.25"x5" strip to one side. (Extra .25" is for the seam allowance) This makes the small block 5" square. I hope this helps & doesn't confuse :-)

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Patti replied on Fri, Feb 26 2010 9:29 AM

Hi Sissy,

I think I have seen that fabric.  Also others similar to that, one for cat lovers, for dog lovers, etc.  I had one with verses from Psalms.  As the others have suggested, adding sashing or framing the individual sayings to get them a uniform size makes them easy to work with.  They look like you should be able to cut them into two three different groupings of a certain size, but I found a few that were not quite straight, but adding a frame of other fabric worked very well.

Then you can either design a block around them or insert them into a pattern you like.



Chiliwist Valley

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Thea replied on Fri, Mar 5 2010 12:37 AM

Sissi, you could do a lot of different things... use sashings to make the blocks all the same size... do different blocks and then set them with different sets to see how they would go together and then put the sashings in to make it even on all sides. 

if some are 4" and some 6" then sash up to the 6" size and leave the 6" size alone...

i could work this up in so many different ways...

Take some drawing paper and use a 1/4" to equal an  inch - draw your boxes in of the sizes of your pieces... then cut them out - lay them down on a table and move them around - think about different blocks - the square in a suqare - make one in a log cabin shape - others in different star shapes...

so many ideas - you have my imagination going strong...teehee.


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I agree with the others--use sashing so you have one uniform size block, or two uniform size blocks, then arrange them until you like the setting. Hope you show us the finished project!


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