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Dadzillas posted on Sat, Jul 27 2013 5:57 PM

     I have a question for all you ladies. I have a quilt made by my grandmother. She used the scraps she had on hand. The problem is the fabric she used for small triangles (problem 100 or so) all over the quilt is literally falling to pieces. I have a new material that matches the color perfect. I need to know the easiest way to sew in the new triangles. I have tried a couple of different ways but I have only been sewing for a few years. I have been quilting for about 25 years but the ways I have been trying to use are slow and does not look right. Any suggestions???


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I haven't a suggestion for you. That said, it would be a good idea if you could show us a photo of the quilt and it's damage.



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Jacy replied on Sat, Jul 27 2013 11:51 PM

It's hard to know without seeing the quilt. I think I might try hand sewing/appliqueing new triangles over the worn out ones.


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I have an old quilt  that has the fans pattern on it and I have the same problem  the fabric is just falling apart . What I did was just to cut out the old fabric very carefully and hand sew over the little left and just redid the area I was replacing ,it came out really well .I was using a small Dresden plate pattern I did the very best I could to try and use the same type of fabric , Floral if  I cut out floral , stripes  if the old was stripes ,etc. I took really small stitches ,   so far it is well If I can get a picture I'll try and show it . right now that quilt is being used to cover a large trunk and has things sitting on it.



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Dara replied on Sun, Jul 28 2013 8:07 PM


It's hard to know without seeing the quilt. I think I might try hand sewing/appliqueing new triangles over the worn out ones.

I agree with Jacy.  I would hand applique new triangles over the old ones.  If the old fabric is really raggedy then I would trim it.  But I would probably just put the new fabric over the old if it wasn't in too bad a shape.

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Angele replied on Mon, Jul 29 2013 8:43 AM

That is what I would do too just like Jacy and Dara. Trim where needed and appliqué.

Angèle  from NWO

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