Can you tell me what to do to keep my thread from breaking when I FMQ on my sewing machine (not longarm)

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Debbie-do posted on Mon, May 13 2013 1:51 PM

Help!  I'm hoping someone can help me out.  I finally stopped procrastinating and started quilting my MQ5 this weekend.  After pin basting I Stiched in a ditch around each of the 20 blocks with my walking foot... no problem.  Then I put on my free motion foot and decided to take it easy on myself (since it's my first big quilt that I've ever done FMQ on ) and just do a roomy stipple on each block.  I had cleaned the bobbin area before I started .  I practiced on a small sandwich of the same fabric and batting (same thread I had used on the SIAD)... no problem. 

Started stippling on the quilt, got through about 1/3 of the first block... funny sound, snagged and broken thread.  Frogged it back to a good point and started again... same thing happened. 

Ooops, realized feed dogs are up and I forgot my slippery slider.  ... That didn't help. 

Changed my old topstich 80 needle for a new one.  Didn't help. 

Changed the upper tension to about 4.5.  Didn't help. 

Finally after working through 5 blocks this way I finally got a block that the thread didn't break.  I had changed to a quilting 90 needle and moved the tension back to automatic.  From then on it was every other block that gave me fits.  I rethreaded my needle what seems like 100s of times, from the spool on down, replaced the bobbin a couple of times, made sure my needle was in all the way. 

At this point I'm pretty frustrated and wonder what else I should try to adjust to keep the thread from breaking as I'm quilting the borders and the sashing.  Your suggestions will be well received!  Thank you!

Southwest of San Antonio

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Not much progress,

As ive been putting together the EPP sampler in the paper piecing group, have just finished block 3 so i will post that on the page tommorrow. As for the others well my Asian fabric one will be coming with me to Norfolk on Friday im there for a week with no internet so it will just be reading quilting and cross stitch oh and visiting the fabric shop, as for my field of diamonds i cant find where i put the fabric im doing it with ive obviously put it somewhere safe.

lots of love


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I have the same issue.  Like some of the other girls said - the direction is important with my machine.  My thread always breaks when the quilt is moving to the right - I've taken to wrestling with the quilt so I don't have to go in that direction!!

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