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Marge P Posted: Mon, Apr 22 2013 5:00 PM

I really can't tell you all if this site is still in business but I know that there is a wealth of information for FW owners in the different links on this site.  Go and check it out.  I don't know why the name is not underlining.  I did it with and without the www.

Anyway about a year ago I did a search on the internet for Featherweight supplies.  This fellow, Leo Kujat, came up in the search.  i emailed him and asked if he sold the lube for the FW's.  He wrote back and said that he was in the process of moving from El Paso TX to Milwaukee to take a 6 month contract job and he hoped it would work into a full time position.

He told me that he was in the process of packing his machines and parts for storage but if I would email him my mailing address he would ship out a tube before he finished packing and it would be free gratis.  He did send it to me and my thought was, what a nice guy!  I went ahead and sent him a check for his trouble as he didn't have to do this at all.

Anyway, Marie saw a link to his business on the Yahoo Featherweight Group site and let me know.  So I once again have his site in my favorites.  He has some beautiful pictures posted of machines he has sold in the past along with their serial numbers and "date of birth".

I haven't heard back from him at this point so I really don't know what his status is.  It still lists El Paso TX on his site and he does refer to the job in Milwaukee.  Another interesting part is the Question of the Week link - he and his wife have done a lot of research into history on these little babies.

If you have a few minutes take a peek.  I have always thought that changing a FW to a different color than black was criminal - LOL - after looking at the Root Beer one and a burgandy one, I may have changed my mind! 

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