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need help with quilt done badly

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mtorres55 posted on Tue, Mar 19 2013 9:00 PM

I need help. Couple of weeks ago, I took three quilt tops, backing and batting to a local long arm quilter. She had to substitute her own batting for one, did them up, and I picked them up a couple of weeks ago, at the cost of $299.

When I got them home, I found that the back stitching on all three quilts was bad. The bobbin tension was way too tight, and the thread on the back stitches lays mostly in a line on the material, not locked in the middle by the top thread. I could nearly undo all the quilting by snipping a stitch and pulling.

I did not get back to her to tell her about this because she's going through a serious health crisis in her family, and returning 3 quilts seem rather too much.

The quilts have been in use but not soiled and never washed.

QUESTION: Is there a remedy for this?  Can I take it to another longarmer to have it re-quilted perhaps with a different color thread - after which I could un-stitch the old myself?

Would appreciate any advice you can give.

Marianne Torres
Spokane WA

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Ginny replied on Tue, Mar 19 2013 9:18 PM

You know your longarm quilter better than I , but I would say after paying that kind of money to have the work done, it, at least, needs to be brought to her attention that her quilt machine is not sewing properly.   So she can at least correct it for other quilts.

Compared to what I pay here that was a pretty hefty amount to pay unless it was all custom work and did not follow a pantograph or such.     Ginny


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I would say you can take it to another long arm quilter but that is a lot of work for you to pull out all those threads. If you definitely don't want to try to get your money back or have her re-do the you could always free motion her pattern with you home machine. With the pattern already there it will be like someone already marked the top for you. But, I agree with Ginny, you at least need to notify her that there is a severe problem with the tension on her machine before she ruins more quilts. 

aka Grandma Sunshine

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I bet if you contacted her, she would redo them for you. I don't know how big the quilts are, but I pulled out all the stitches out of one and had someone else re do it for me. It was a lot of work. If her machine is not working right, then you telling her this will help her to gt it fixed. I am sure that she would want to make it right for you.    

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Agnes replied on Wed, Mar 20 2013 11:58 AM

The worst thing you can do is not give her a chance to correct the bad job as this will remain a bitterness forever. Only if she does not offer you a solution would I do anything else.

Agnes in NW Ontario

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Thanks much, zoetc!  Every answer I got says to take the quilts back to her to see what she might do about it.  Thanks to all!

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Thanks much, Agnes!  Every answer I got says to take the quilts back to her to see what she might do about it.  Thanks to all!

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