I'm NEW -- Time-sensitive advice please on applique

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daffodella posted on Tue, Jan 15 2013 1:36 AM


Primarily hand-turn applique

Either machine or hand quilting 



Will hand-turn applique be durable enough for a baby quilt?  (assuming I do it right)



I've made a personal commitment to myself to create an applique baby quilt (crib size 45X60) for my first grandchild.  DUE DATE of quilt:  Baby Shower, March 2.  My oldest son created the design (his baby gift to his younger brother, who is the new Dad).  Because of this, switching to a printed dog fabric and simply quilting around it isn't on my current list of options at this time. My contribution will be the finished quilt.  

I'm new -- new at quilting, new at sewing, and new to the forum.  A bit scared and, unfortunately, a perfectionist, but I've committed to get over this, at least for this first quilt, because meeting the deadline is essential. 

The design:

A bulldog (cartoon-like) dreaming of bones (cloud #1 = 1 bone, cloud #2 = 2 bones, cloud #3 = 3 bones, etc. through 5 bones) while he's sitting in a dog house.  I've tried to simplify the design:

- large blue background (sky)

- large green bottom (grass)

- 5 clouds

- 15 bones 

- 1 bulldog (HOPEFULLY CUTE) with spiked collar, although that's optional

- 1 dog house (found some wood-looking fabric but am willing to piece together some solid-colored boards) and some great colorful fabric that looks like tiles

- 1 moon and about 8 stars

- 3 to 5 inch border

- binding (same fabric as the "tiles" on the dog house)

My first quilting class is tomorrow evening.  I attempted to take this class prior to Christmas.  The first two weeks I didn't have a machine. Then I bought a used Viking Husquavarna Designer 1, which needed repair and was in the shop for two weeks, so I missed the last classes.  Hopefully this will be better!

WHY I'M THINKING HAND-TURNED VS. FUSED:  Many forums (and Martha Stewart) have recommended not using fused if the item will be washed repeatedly.  I'd like to shoot for a traditional look, although the design I've chosen is far from this.





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Carey replied on Fri, Jan 18 2013 8:31 AM

I've been working a lot so sorry for the late response. Noone's quilts are ever perfect they just look that way because we know how to hide mistakes we made lol.

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Qwkslver replied on Fri, Jan 18 2013 11:50 AM

I always use fusible and my quilts are washable.  Mostly baby quits.  Yours should be fine.

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