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Annabelle went to Rainbow Bridge this morning. Surgery and chemo would have only bought weeks or a couple of months. I couldn't be so selfish as to put her through that. My heart is so broken right now. Held her and loved her to the end. Even hubby shed tears. She was such a special girl. Can one die of a broken heart?

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Frances replied on Fri, Nov 23 2012 1:21 PM

Im so sorry for your loss Mary, weve had dogs in our house all my life, and it always hurts when you have to say goodbye.

lots of love


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Thea replied on Fri, Nov 23 2012 4:03 PM

Mary - I agree with you on the Nov 6th comment... we will come back though and stronger - it was a very depressing time for me as I am so scared as to what is to come.  I will definitely be praying for you - Annabelle is out of pain now - she will be making a room for you in her mansion... -  I lost my MLS to cancer last year and we truly miss her.

I had a very nice Thanksgiving this year - our first with Mom here - and my best friends who are truly like family to me spent the day with us... too much food as usual - I have to make it all... I don't want to forget one thing... but it was a fun easy day and now I get to eat leftovers and be lazy for the next few days...  I had hoped some elves would arrive and clean up the kitchen over night but they forgot my address so I did them up this morning - then got my snowmen out and started decorating the house with them - had to play with each one too and the memories of the years that I got them came back and it was a very nice day... am sitting in my lazy boy now with my electric blanket on - getting my toesies warm - gave the cats a treat with some cat nip treats - so their pupils are large and they are playing or sleeping...teehee... and I ate some of my home made rolls - easiest home made bread one can make without having someone else do it or a bread machine... and it is yummy... I love it and the smell making bread sends through the home.  

I did my black friday shopping at Whims - ordered a new snowman quilt wall hanging - just what I need...it and the latest snowman from Hallmark will be my 2012 additions to my collection - did you see the new one Hallmark has - skiing down a snowdrift... so cute... they all bring smiles to my face... I have to put up the Jim Shore decorations for the Thanksgiving holiday - they head back up on the very top of the TV stand till next year when they come down - the angels are coming down to watch over us and the cat and snowmen...

I want so much to buy another Christmas tree but am going to wait till we move to MN and then I'll have fun with the Hallmark ornaments - for now those are all put away... we found out that we can't put the decorations up in the attic anymore - one of my Christmas trees melted... oh my I wondered why all my snowmen were stuck - luckily it just distorted and didn't cause any real trouble... but the tree is no more...teehee.... live and learn...

Anyway, you are on my prayer list and I am thinking about that Smoky Mountain Retreat next year... I might just need to get away in June...teehee...


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