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Kathy posted on Wed, Nov 14 2012 9:25 AM

I want to add to my finished quilt that already has the binding.  This was my first quilt Queen size.  I want to add a 10" row all around to hang down over the sides.  I have the rows put together but have been trying to figure out how to add without removing the binding.  Has anyone every tried to do this?  Any help would be wonderful!

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Jeanine replied on Wed, Nov 14 2012 11:03 AM

I don't think it would work well if you don't remove the binding.  Even at that, it is going to be a tricky process.  I personally wouldn't tackle it without taking off the binding.

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Hi Kathy it is nice to meet you. I hope to see more of you..

BTW, I would agree with Jeanine about your quilt.

Life is like a quilt...bits & pieces, joy & sorrow, stitched with love

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gini replied on Thu, Nov 15 2012 2:10 AM

hi kathy, welcome to the group.  you have the rows together, does this mean the top is not quilted?  the binding isn't usually added to the top, until it is quilted.  if the top isn't quilted yet, you will need to remove the binding anyway, to quilt it. 

gini in north idaho

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Lindsey replied on Thu, Nov 15 2012 12:03 PM

Personally, I would take the binding off. If you tried anything else, you'd end up regretting it. Hopefully the quilt will be around for a long time, so you may as well spend the time making it how you really want it. Just for the sake of a few extra hours. It'll be worth it!

Post us a picture when you've finished it! 

Happy stitching, Lindsey, Norfolk, UK


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Ramona replied on Fri, Nov 16 2012 3:10 PM


Absolutely take off the binding. You will not be happy if you don't. There will be this big lump all the way around the quilt.  As for adding the extra fabric, that is something that most certainly be done after the binding is removed.  T.V. time is a great time for this.  Once you have the binding removed you can add your top piece, batting and backing at the same time. Do the sides of the quilt first and then the top and bottom just like doing regular borders. You can sew it on or serge it on. I have done this before with the serger and it works very well. You have probably seen quilt as you go quilts. This would be the same process.  Once you have the extra borders added. Do a little quilting in them and re-add your binding.

I laid the top piece face down on the top of my quilt and laid the batting piece on top of that, which is larger than the top piece I'm adding. I  then placed the backing piece, which would be the same as the batting,  facedown on the back of the quilt, serged or  machine stitched it on.  Unfolded it, added the next side, unfolded it and then added the top and bottom. The reason I laid the batting on the top is so it would feed through the machine without getting caught in the feed dogs. Quilt, bind and on the bed it goes.  Hope I'm making sense.  Let us know how it works.

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