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Sharon Benson posted on Sun, Nov 4 2012 1:36 AM

What is a normal size of a lap robe? I decided to make some for a nursing home. I'm not sure on the correct or average size of a lap robe.

Thank you


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I'm also making some lap quilts for a nursing home.  For wheelchair quilts, I was told not to go wider than 32" so as not to get caught in the wheels.  About 45" long for wheelchair.  I was also asked to put ties on them to keep them from slipping.  For non-wheelchair ones I'm making mine about 40 x 50".    A couple are a bit longer and I'll mark those for men. 


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Sharon, our quilting group made lap quilts for a local nursing home and they were happy to receive whatever size we made.  Have you contacted the nursing home you are thinking of making them for?  Each facility may have different thoughts/desires and it is good to ask before you make them.

I think we made ours 36 x 42.  We did not put the ties on but in hind sight agreed that we would if we made them again.

If making for a taller person, slightly longer would not be a bad thing. 

Another thing to think about would be colors/fabric design.  We made ours for a Veteran's Home and so we made a lot of red/white/blue or patriotic themed.  There are a few women in this facility so there were also some floral quilts, but primarily more masculine designs.

Good luck with this endeavor.


from Western New York

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