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ls2116 Posted: Wed, Oct 10 2012 5:52 PM

I just gave my neighbor the baby quilt and i'm feeling so good.  Mind you these are neighbors that would never let me in their house because of their two pitbulls but anyway this is what I did went up to the door like a kid pulling a prank I rang the doorbell she answered I said i have something for you, I hung it on the door and walked away she opened the door and seen what was in the bag and exclaimed a thank you like i gave her a million dollars!  (even with all the puckers).

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Ramona replied on Thu, Oct 11 2012 3:43 PM


Oh wow! You are so funny.  Maybe she'll mellow out now. LOL I know that baby is absolutely going to love the quilt.  You're a great neighbor!

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Thea replied on Thu, Oct 11 2012 3:47 PM

Oh that is so sweet of you!  To give a quilt to someone you seem to be afraid of and not the greatest of neighbors with the pit bulls - although some pits are very sweet - they get a bad rep... very nice of you and a good neighbor you are and that baby will adore your quilt.


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