Hello all!!! Need some input!!

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Tammy replied on Thu, Sep 27 2012 10:12 AM

If you are going to tie - you tie the whole quilt - if you are going to FMQ then you do that all over.. the reason I say this is that your quilting has to be uniform all over the quilt or it will not lay flat.


Thank-you Thea!!  I guess I was thinking a person could do both on a quilt but after your explanation, I understand.  Never once crossed my mind about laying flat.  I will do as you suggested and only use one method.  Am going to quilt in the sashings between blocks.  Really need to get this thing done and to my niece.  After all, they are her t-shirts!!  Thanks again!!


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Jeanine replied on Thu, Sep 27 2012 10:35 AM

I always do an all-over meander on t-shirt quilts.  I don't think you would have any problems sewing through the designs on the t-shirt and you do want the quilt to have enough quilting on it to last washings that t-shirt quilts will surely get.

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lizbonner replied on Thu, Sep 27 2012 11:57 AM

I too had issues finding a place that I could "safely" spray baste my quilts. FINALLY my DH suggested that I put tables together out on the patio and although somewhat cumbersome it worked like a charm. Initially, my daughter was pregnant and DH is sooo sensitive to odors that outdoors seemed the only option. I have done small items indoors when no one was home. Something to remember is that the basting spray will leave a sticky residue so coverage is best but for the little oops that is bound to happen rest assured that the sticky stuff only hangs around a couple of days. I am not sure where it goes but the one small one I did indoors I got some overspray onto the living room carpet.....gone in two days I did nothing to it. Best of luck. I have 2 of the $35.00 buffet card tables from Walmart I had previously used at a garage sale works like a charm for up to about a full size. Best of luck


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