Piecing blocks.

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MelodyP MO/KS posted on Thu, Jun 21 2012 3:52 PM
I have pieced with woven fabrics, cotton, and pieced with quilting cotton patterned fabric as well as flannel. Can woven be pieced in the same blocks with printed cotton? I have discovered that some of the woven fabric has a soft side that feels like flannel, which could be confusing. Thanks MelodyP


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Kris replied on Sun, Jun 24 2012 8:06 PM


The Quilt Police have no jurisdiction in your quilting space. I use whatever fabric I fancy, and I can really fancy believe me. As for holding up, those we look at with awe from the olden days held up long enough to still be around, though they were quilted by the short arms of the sewing circle ladies.

Mine, quilted in a short lap by my own un-lengthy arms, are holding up well. I get an email from a given away quilt now an then, showing they are still being appreciated by kids, cats, and other life-forms.


you crack me up. You are so right. Many of the antique quilts we see today have held up nicely with hand quilting.

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I think a lot of quilters like to get as much advance info as possible, not because they're afraid to experiment or afraid of the quilt police, but because mistakes can be so costly. Even though I can afford an occasional mistake, I still have that frugal mentality. But then I usually think my way through a project so many times before I start cutting that it's a miracle I get anything done. Mixing fabrics can be hit or miss and would need the quilter to embrace their inner artist to see the beauty in a new or unusual result. My motto: if I can do it, I can undo it, and will not rest until I turn a mistake around.  Mixing wovens (assuming heavier fashion fabric here) with quilt-intended cottons would probably beg for some serious design planning rather than just throwing it into the mix. The instructor for one of the Craftsy classes just mentioned that silk quilts are becoming very popular. ohmy.

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