Can't get away from white fabric!!!!

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Lindy Posted: Mon, May 28 2012 9:59 PM

Before all that about my family being crazy about my quilting I was doing a quilt for my little girl for Christmas which is going to be a tinkerbell quilt with purple and yellow. Well I couldn't find a better color selection for what I wanted the quilt to look like. I'm really bad when it comes to matching colors at times exactly if it has lots of different colors in the fabric. When I don't know what color to match for in between the blocks or in the middle of the quilt to make it bigger some times I chose white. I want to know how to get away from the white? I know it looks clean but I love color "what wrong with me" I can't get away for white. Please help me?

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ls2116 replied on Mon, May 28 2012 10:26 PM

do a white print just a suggestion.

Quilting My Rainbow

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gini replied on Mon, May 28 2012 11:36 PM

try using black for a background.  

it's hard to step out of our boxes.  why don't you try going  on the internet  and google imaging quilts. you will be able to scroll through hundreds of quilts and get an idea of  what you might like to try.

gini in north idaho

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Nana replied on Mon, May 28 2012 11:41 PM


I used to use lots of black as my go to color.  Now I am using a bigger selection of "neutrals" including whites, creams, browns, and blacks.   Many times I am able to use a deep rich purple or blue depending on the quilt.  Just have fun playing with color.  It will get easier.   Using a color wheel may help.

Vinton, Virginia

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Diana replied on Tue, May 29 2012 6:52 AM

Did you know that the dots on the selvedge edge of the focus fabric is every color used in printing that fabric?  I pick out light, dark, and medium colors from those dots and they will all go together.  I learned this years ago from a very experienced quilter.  I'm never disappointed.   Hope this helps you out.

Diana in East Tn.

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Carey replied on Sat, Jun 2 2012 1:50 AM

I agree with Richard. I just experiment with colors that are in one of the other fabrics usually if I'm stuck. I recently took a class from quilt university that made you deal with using colors out of your box and was amazed at what they looked like together. You will at the least get a good learning experience out of the deal.

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