Was wondering about sewing machines at Walmart/Sears?

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Lindy posted on Mon, May 14 2012 10:57 AM

I was wondering if anyone has gotten a sewing machine from Wal-mart or Sears before, Yesterday I was at Super Wal-mart in Ardmore and noticed that they had more sewing Machines and even embroidery ones to on the shelf. My mom recently got one from Sears and it sews like a dream but I have only gotten one from Wal-mart and it was a Singer but that was a 5 years ago. But, I haven't since then I need one that I can quilt on and do decorative stitches with. We only have 2 sewing stores the Sewing Center and Hobby lobby, the others are in TX which is 45 Mins away. Does anyone have suggestions?

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Hi, I Singers and I liked them, I gave them to my DD and my niece when I changed over to Janome. But I receive alot of emails from various vendors everyday reminding me that the Kick Off to the new reveals for some of the companies will be August 19, Some will be Sept 1 and some will be Oct 1. So really watch what you are looking for specifically. All the big deals just like KerryG said will be happening here very shortly.  Look at the different Web sites like Sewingmachinesplus.com they are a dealer and they work with all the companies they sell for to make sure your product never has an issue. Look at HSN. But don't leave out your local dealer. They will be dropping all their prices. I did get a Brother machine from Walmart almost 15 years ago. just had it serviced and gave it to my other neice. It was not really for heavy quilting. Just lightweight projects and she is just learning to sew. Sew it works for her LOL. Have fun looking and don't stress. xoxo

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Mz M replied on Sun, Aug 18 2013 1:05 PM

Many years ago I bought my first machine from Sears and wish to this day I still had it!!!!!. I had it  for years and it sewed beautifully but I was young, and foolish, wanting the 'latest' in machines and so I traded up the work-horse that decorated a house, mended clothing and sewed outfits for 2 children and still ran fine for a less reliable but 'modern' machine. I would buy a Kenmore again!

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