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Was wondering about sewing machines at Walmart/Sears?

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Lindy posted on Mon, May 14 2012 10:57 AM

I was wondering if anyone has gotten a sewing machine from Wal-mart or Sears before, Yesterday I was at Super Wal-mart in Ardmore and noticed that they had more sewing Machines and even embroidery ones to on the shelf. My mom recently got one from Sears and it sews like a dream but I have only gotten one from Wal-mart and it was a Singer but that was a 5 years ago. But, I haven't since then I need one that I can quilt on and do decorative stitches with. We only have 2 sewing stores the Sewing Center and Hobby lobby, the others are in TX which is 45 Mins away. Does anyone have suggestions?

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Joni replied on Mon, Jul 2 2012 12:28 PM

Many LQS Dealers have classes for their products.  e.g. I'm attending a class next weekend at AST for Embroidery machines.  I purchased my Baby Lock Ellegante from them.  So excited to be able to attend this day and 1/2 dear friend and fellow quilter Marge clued me into the class.

BTW  I'm using my Brother from WalMart, brought it downstairs and set up so I could finish some projects I need to complete.  Will probably bring Elle downlater to try my hand with embroidering some pillow cases for my great-neices and practice some FMQ before I attempt to quilt 2 baby quilt that are overdue.  The babies will be a year old this month, fortunately the quilts are larger, so that they can use them for years to come.


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Hi Oklahomamom!

I don't think it matters where you purchase your machine at as long as it's a brand one, like Brother, Singer, Viking ect, ect.   But, like another suggested if you buy from a store like Walmart or Sears you will get no help if you have problems or questions.   I suppose you could call the manufacturer, but not sure how much help it would be.  Good luck in your purchase!

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Kathy replied on Thu, Aug 15 2013 7:43 AM

I grew up with Sears Kenmore and they are great.  My mom always has one step up from what I am using.  She now has electronic Kenmore and it is a dream with tons of decorative stitches.  I love Janome and Kenmore but mine are older and still going great.  Shop around and try some before purchasing because they are like cars, all different.   Good luck!!!


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Ginny replied on Thu, Aug 15 2013 8:05 AM

I don't know who asked about Sears or Singer sewing machine, but Sears recently discontinued their Kenmore machines, that were built by Janome and now carry Singer sewing machines.  I have a friend who had a Kenmore/ Janome machine, but when she sent it in for cleaning the last time, they were no longer doing their own servicing-they had to be sent out and weren't being done right.  Then she had a problem with the machine and sent it in for service and they told her it couldn't be fixed.  Wouldn't send it back to her, but instead offered her a much cheaper Singer at about $400.

She had an extended warrantee on her machine.  She had paid over $1200.00 for it originally, they told her the discounted price was all she would get because the machine was older and that was the value of the machine now.

The lesson there is be careful of what you get and where you get it.  The Singer Quality and reputation have suffered greatly since they have changed to manufacturer of the machine.     Ginny



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CindyA replied on Thu, Aug 15 2013 12:24 PM

I somewhat have to disagree that if you buy from Walmart that you have nothing in the way of service. The machines come with warranties, so it might be a good idea to check and see how far away the nearest authorized service center is from you. For minor everyday problems (tension, stitch or foot questions) I'm sure that there are many places online where you could find answers or suggestions in order to make adjustments at home. The Craftsy class that was suggested is a good one...I've looked through parts of it and got helpful information. Bottom line, our pocketbooks seem to tell us how much we can afford to spend.  :) Mine always does, and it's never enough!

If you do venture to a retail sewing/quilt shop, you might ask about used machines. I'm in Indiana, and the machine repair shop that I use had several used machines for sale.

I wish you good luck!!


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Karen D replied on Thu, Aug 15 2013 12:58 PM

If you are seriously looking to purchase a singer, the Viking dealer located in a JoAnn store is selling them. You can get lessons and questions answered there. They are very helpful. They also honor the sales in the JoAnn flyer.  I purchased my 2 Viking Designer machines from them and they have no problem answering stupid user questions. I know, I have many as my motto is when all else fails THEN I read the directions. Hope this helps.

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Karen D:
they have no problem answering stupid user questions. I know, I have many as my motto is when all else fails THEN I read the directions.


Love this. We must be related! LOL

In the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

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Frank replied on Thu, Aug 15 2013 5:07 PM

I bought my original machine(Brother) 15-16 yrs ago from Walmart.  I had to get curtains made for the new house and refused to purchase more after I purchased them for the living room.  WOW!  I have since gone to a dealer and purchased another Brother from a stand alone dealer. From looking around there shop it seems they have most brands.  I liked my Brother from Walmart but cannot tell you how much nicer it is to have the shop there to help.  Friends who tried to help me with my Walmart machine were no help compared to the dealer's staff. The book I rec'd with my Walmart Brother, does not compare to the book I rec'd with my new machine. AND they gave me a deal on the purchase of the machine. NO INTEREST if paid off in a certain amount of time. SO far they have cleaned it for free. When I show up to ask a question or call they are most helpful. Don't know if it is a good or bad thing but they actually know my name, and I live in a big city. Interesting I expected to pay for the cleaning and servicing as it was over a year later and per the paperwork no longer under warranty.  They did if for free and wrote on the papers it was still under warranty.

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Flo replied on Thu, Aug 15 2013 5:58 PM

A Singer is a Singer no matter where you get it.  I got mine on line at a GREAT price and I love it.  A lot of the gals from my quilt guild have Brother sewing machines from K Mart ( that is all we have up here is Kmart) and they like them.  

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Flojo replied on Thu, Aug 15 2013 6:57 PM

I purchased a Brother from WalMart 7 years ago and 2 months after the warranty ran out the power board went out.  The board alone cost $100 not including labor at my local repair shop.  12 months later it went out again.  The price  had gone up to $125.  At this point the total of the repairs were more than I paid from the machine (around $200).  Now I did love the machine, the way it sewed, how quite it was, and the few bells and whistles it had, but two power boards in a year did me in.  Tech said to get my next Brother at a reg. dealer.  Saving for it now, but my 40+ year old Kenmore from Sears still runs great.  Of course, the newer Kenmore machines  are not made by the same company they were back in the 70's sooo....Take the advice of someone who has purchased a machine in the past 5 years!

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Nana replied on Thu, Aug 15 2013 7:10 PM

I have bought machines from Sears and WalMart.   They were both decent machines but didn't last as long as they should have.   I think .... as with everything else....  what you get from WalMart is manufacturer seconds.

Vinton, Virginia

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Agnes replied on Thu, Aug 15 2013 11:09 PM

what you get from WalMart is manufacturer seconds.

Perhaps this is true, don't know. I was a non-sewing machine shop (acytuallu generally classified as hardware store) and sold both Brother and Singer machines, at different times. Which brand it was depended on which manufacturer was willing to give the better deal to the warehouse from whom we purchased. I had a Brother that wore out. When I look back on the sheer volume I was sewing at the time it is totally awesome it lasted as long as it did before I had any issues. Granted my Singer is the industrial model but after 17 years it is still purring. I had minor issues at first and I had all the help I could hope for from NOT Singer dealers but a shop whose specialty was just fixing every make and model of machines. In fact, when I ordered a foot that was not at all manufactured for the machine which I didn't know this dealer manufactured it especially for me. I will never have the pleasure of setting foot in his shop as he is located about 3000 miles from me. All transactions were done by mail and phone. Actually the worst service I had was from two different local Singer dealers, both swearing the machine was not built to handle light sewing. Funny how some of the finest dressmakers, some specializing in bridal gowns, use the same model. Though the machine was virtually new they were out to sell me a "quilt making" machine. Hog wash!!!

Agnes in NW Ontario

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Patti replied on Sat, Aug 17 2013 8:01 AM

I remember working in a sewing factory.  We were  making red coats one time.  The coats looked the same, but one went to a fancy store chain that carried expensive clothing, and the other to a cheaper chain store.  As we were sewing the less expensive coat, the color came off, enough so that some areas where the seams were thicker actually lost color, and became much lighter than the rest of the coat.  The solution?  Fill in the light areas with red marker. 

So, I think the cheaper chain stores do often carry the less expensive, less well built model.  But it all depends on what you need the machine for.  Sometimes the less expensive is the better buy, sometimes not.


Chiliwist Valley

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Lesson learned. I bought my little Brother at Walmart. For years it has been a great machine. Had it cleaned and checked a couple years ago. According to the repair person, it was running great. The LQS owner said it had plastic parts in the motor that would break and can not be repaired. I recently bought a newer, much more expensive, Brother machine from her. It has already broken!. So, you just never know.



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I have all Singers including my new serger love all of them and the best is I got all except my Mothers old Athena 2000 at HSN. That works great for me because of the Flex pays over 4 or 5 mons.  HSN also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Sept. is  National sewing month so I know that they will have great deals. If you are interested. I did have an older brother machine years ago from Walmart I really did not like the way it sewed but it was under 100 at the time cheap price and the machine seemed cheap to me. If you don't have to have one right now you might wait till Sept. even the dealers would have a great or at least discounted price. I love my singers and even buying from HSN because of the deal they have with Singer Co. they can usually help, and singer has a web site for Q&A's as well. 

Just an alternative thought and it really does work for me. There is nothing new on there web right now they will probably hold off I can say I have never seen so few machines on HSN's web. Singer is coming out with a new model in retail in 2014 the world launch was earlier this mon. awesome if I had been in the market for a machine I would have gotten it.  HSN gets some launches like that. You can't even find a pix of it now. I am wondering if Singer will let them bring it back for Nat sewing mon.  Hope I didn't confuse you 


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