A little quilting history

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Val Mahoney Posted: Thu, Feb 23 2012 3:04 PM

I wanted to know how the art of quilting became such a common denominator in this country and where it first origionated.. Quilting was a common practice in Egypt and China. The quilting process came to Europe fron the Crusaders who fought against other armed groups. These groups had quilted clothing which was warm and less cumbersone to the wearers. Thus, quilted clothing became one of the first uses of the process.

Much of the printed fabric that was produced for quilting was made in India and was purchased by the British East India company and sold to European countries. It consisted of two main fabrics--Chintz which was a very fine and smooth cotton with a glaze to the material surface and a rough textured fabric known as calico. The French banned the importation of indian fabrics in 1685 and the British banned it in 1701. This was done by both countries because they were unable to produce the quality of fabric or the colored patterning that these fabrics had. The colonies were then blessed by the importation of this fabric--but teh cost was prohibitive and most colonists could not afford to use it an any great quantity. Even though the colonists brought to this country the use of quilting, bedding of quilted material could only be made and used by the well to do.

A little more history in the next post

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Nana replied on Thu, Feb 23 2012 3:22 PM


I see that  this is a first post so Welcome.  The history you have found is very interesting.  Thanks for sharing.  I will be awaiting further installments.

Vinton, Virginia

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Stephanie replied on Thu, Feb 23 2012 3:23 PM

That was very interesting Val. Thanks for sharing.

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Susan replied on Thu, Feb 23 2012 3:51 PM

Welcome,Val!  Thanks for the history lesson. How about some of yours? Where are you from? How long have you been quilting ?  Its nice to know a little about the person Im chatting with. Hope you drop in often. Looking forward to next history lesson.            Susan,    North, Florida

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Thanks for the history and welcome to the group.

Life is like a quilt...bits & pieces, joy & sorrow, stitched with love

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abcd replied on Thu, Feb 23 2012 4:32 PM

Hi, Val -

I LOVE history, and I love it that you brought it to this board.  Ironically, the thing about "quilted clothing' was on a history show the other night about the Middle Ages.  Knights wore HEAVILY quilted undergarments with the chain mail on top.  The undergarments were made to STOP arrows from piercing their skin as well as to absorb the blows, and it worked!  The chain mail was for stopping the initial points of the arrows, but it was the quilted fabric that absorbed most of the damage.  We are talking about a period of around 1200 AD, the time of stories of King Arthur, and such.  Please keep the stories coming!  I find it fascinating!

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Welcome to the club Val.  Thanks for sharing the history lesson.


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gini replied on Thu, Feb 23 2012 10:43 PM

Hi Val, welcome to the group, and thanks for the history lesson

gini in north idaho

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Barbara replied on Thu, Feb 23 2012 10:52 PM

Val thank you so much for this wonderful moment of history. It is so very intresting to learn about how alot of this got started. I look foward to your next  summary. I also wanted to welcome you to the club. Barbara



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Fascinating history lesson.  Thank you so much and welcome to QCA.


Kissimmee, FL

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