2012 UFO Challenge begins!

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Patti Posted: Sun, Jan 1 2012 10:43 AM


2012 UFO Challenge.

UFO is defined as not having been touched for at least 6 months (since June 30), OR was started prior to 2011.  For this challenge we will be counting only quilts, wall hangings, table runners and toppers,  or set of 4 place mats.  If you have purchased the fabric and set it aside with a pattern, or design, even if you have not cut anything yet, that can be a UFO.  If there is no pattern, such as a crazy quilt, it must be partially sewn.

There will be 2 stages of completion.

Stage 1: top is completed, including borders.

Stage 2: project is complete including quilting (or tying) binding and any embellishment..

points are  awarded according to size equivalents:

size                                                          stage 1 points                     stage 2 points

smaller than crib                                              10                                           10

crib (30x45 in.) +                                               20                                            20

twin (60x95) +                                                    30                                            30

double (80x95) +                                               40                                           40

queen (86x100) +                                              50                                           50

King  (106x106) +                                              60                                           60

hand quilting will be double the quilting points.  Exceptionally detailed quilting and embellishment will get bonus points.

All work must be done by the member with the exception of machine quilting, (in which case there will be no points for quilting) and with the exception of block exchanges where an equal number of blocks were exchanged.

Must be a QCA member.  Must provide a picture of UFO at the beginning of the challenge, if uncut fabric, must have a picture of the  pattern and fabric together. A picture of the completed UFO or Top must be provided as well.  No points unless at least the top (including border) is completed. 

The challenge runs from Jan 1-March 31.  Prizes are gift certificates to the quilt/fabric store of your choice  1st place $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20. (we may have some additional prizes, for different categories.)

If there is any dispute regarding the number of points given, "friend" me with your comments and I will consult another quilter privately, then that decision is final."

Remember this is not a QCA sponsored event, just a contest among friends.

I will tally points weekly. 

To enter the contest, go to groups, click on UFO group. and remember to join!




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Patti replied on Sun, Jan 1 2012 10:50 AM

I figured out how to post pictures in the UFO group!  Please, when you post your pictures, put your name first, UFO number and title.  For example I put "Patti's UFO # 1, MQ3"   It will be easier for me to sort to whom the quilt belongs. 

How to post picture. 

Go to UFO group. (remember to join the group.)

click on media

click on upload

put in title, and written description.

to put in the photo, do not click on the little green film screen.  Even though you save, who knows where it gets saved!  Can't find it.  To post the picture click on the top little box that says "specify file/URL"  Then browse and insert.  Save. 

You can post pictures of up to 5 UFO's to start and not necessarily in the order you plan on working on them.  Or just one at a time.  It's up to you.  (if we all posted all our UFOs, we would probably bog down the system!)

Remember, to get points you must post both the unfinished UFO and then the finished top, or completely finished quilt.


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LauraLyn replied on Sun, Jan 1 2012 12:21 PM

So many UFOs, so little time - hopefully this Challenge will help me keep on track so I can get at least a few of them done. I'm hoping to work on one of my projects after the Packer Game.

Happy New Year everyone!

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