What other hobbies do you have besides quilting?

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I also read and do some gardening...and can cross stitch but don't do it often. This year in my garden, I had squash, lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, potatoes, carrots and corn...plus thyme, rosemary, basil and sage. :)


The front of my house also has rose bushes...and they bloomed really well this year. They'd been neglected in the past by previous occupants so I trimmed them a lot this spring.


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I - like so many others here - am an avid reader.  I also love all kinds of puzzles - crossword, sudoku, jigsaw.   i did counted cross stitch but that has kind of been put on the back burner since I took up quilting.  And quilting isn't the only type of sewing I do (don't know if that counts as a different hobby or not).  Like puttering in the yard when it isn't 100 degrees out! 

Marge (AKA Dimples)

Griffin, GA

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I also like to read,  I swim, we have a pool.  I knit and crocet.  Lately though it has been all about quilts.  When it is stormy, quilt.  When temp hits 100, stay kool and quilt.  When the snow flies, ha nice warm sewing room.  

Granny M

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Carey replied on Wed, Aug 10 2011 5:31 PM

I like reading, watching movies, swimming, grilling, walking/hiking, camping, bowling, playing pool, miniature golf for just a few.

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cheri_j replied on Wed, Aug 24 2011 9:09 AM

Golf and playing the horses.

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Isabella replied on Wed, Aug 24 2011 9:22 AM

I like reading, cross stitching, boating, swimming, diving, traveling and lately I pick-up boxing.




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Roxie5166 replied on Wed, Aug 24 2011 9:35 AM

Love sewing of all types - especially making American Girl doll clothes. Other passions include reading, computer graphic design, hidden object games, crochet, cross stitch, traveling, researching my family tree and the most important, my grandkids.


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Karla replied on Wed, Aug 24 2011 9:55 AM

I, too, read a lot, crochet, scrapbook,  cross-stitch occasionally, research family history (I have my paternal grandmother's family back to the 1500's) and play on the computer; but I would have to say that quilting, reading and the computer are what I am usually doing.


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Annette replied on Thu, Aug 25 2011 10:49 PM


I usually read every evening before bed.   Its my way to unwind and relax and get my head off of other things (like work!).   Just finished the book 'The Help' (which I recommend) and now want to see the movie.   I'm also active at church - currently on the council and a couple of committees.   Also in the church's hand bell choir (just starting our second yr), which I really enjoy.   Sometimes I do computer games (into hidden object type games now).   When I sew (or knit), I do so in front of a TV - either watching a show or a movie.   I like the background 'voices', even if I'm not always watching.   I work at home via computer full time, so by evening I like hearing people talk.   I also have a small vegetable garden, but need to stay ahead of the weeds.   Our youngest is in college, so slowly getting to learn how to be an empty nester.


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I grew up with 6 brothers and no sisters.  The last person in my family to take a interest in sewing was my great grandmother.  so why i took up the hobby is a mystery to everyone in my family - a tomboy from birth.  my grand mother recently gave me her grandmother's 1920 treadle sewing machine which she had in a barn and never used after a couple cans of wd40 ( not kidding) and a lot of love and patience i actually have it working and am making her a quilt on it. i love hand quilting the best of any hand work but i also knit, crochet, needle tatting, embroidery, toothbrush rugs, i even spin yarn.  i love to read.  i am currently taking online classes to complete my college degree because with a husband, kids at home, job, and home to take care of i do not have time to go to class.  I will graduate spring 2012 with honors, but i enjoy school and would go for more classes if i had more time and money.  Now for the tomboy side of me my passion is bow hunting,  i love deer hunting the best but also enjoy bow fishing as well.

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Susan replied on Thu, Sep 1 2011 4:45 PM

Wendy,I too have a few house plants,i'm not a great garden keeper.Today it is over 100 here in Missouri! I shall not venture out:) And for sure gardens are very poor here!

I do have lots of projects I'm working on.My English Paper piecing goes with me in the car when I go with hubby.I have about 10 quilts to be quilted,and about 10 in my head to do!!

But I have another hobby....I love to blend  teas, and herbs for seasoning foods.I also have a very good Alkaline product.Your bad knee remark made me think of it. You may contact me if you want.


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MCRider replied on Thu, Sep 1 2011 5:23 PM

Motorcycle riding.  I have my own bike and have been riding since my 50th birthday.  The bike was a present to myself.  Besides that, I like to garden.  The grandkids think it's cool to be picked up from school by their motorcycle riding grandma.

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I love your roses Wendy. I also love to garden but concentrate mainly on lilacs, peonies and hydrangeas. I do have some roses but they're hard to grow in our wet Pacific Northwest. And we have a big vegetable garden which is currently overrun with zuchini. I have over a dozen loaves of zuchini bread in the freezer and friends and neighbors hide now when I stop by.

Besides gardening and quilting, I've been playing with miniatures. It started with miniature quilts and wanting a way to display them. Now I'm making miniature blanket chests, dower chests, linen chests and quilt racks.  Lots of fun! Good thing I have plenty of granddaughters to give to.

I also love to read, mostly murder mysterys, Agatha Christie and *** Franklin stuff.

JudyEE at the base of Mt. Rainier

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I was a die hard knitter until I bought my new sewing machine several months ago.  I read anything I can get on my Nook and am also a NCIS fan but not too much other TV.  We were totally addicted to Lost though.  I miss that one.  I am a band mama with 2 kids in band (one sax and one trombone) and so with Friday night football starting up it's band, band, and more band.  My son is graduating this year and I'm not ready for that!

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Fran replied on Thu, Sep 1 2011 6:37 PM

I Love quilting - but my other hobbies include crocheting and reading, right now I am into Nora Roberts books.


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