Quilting Hoops?

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masufa replied on Fri, Oct 2 2009 12:11 AM

The GraceHoop Squared - 14-inch square hand-quilting hoop


Jaci, this is the hand quilting frame I use, it is fully adjustable I can pull it right up to my chair and sit back while it hangs over my lap. You can get different size hoops for the stand the one I have is 18" and since it is a square hoop there is more space for quilting. It folds up flat when not in use (which is never at my house) I always have a quilt on the frame right next to my  chair so when hubby has control of the TV I can just start quilting. I would think the lap frame would be really hot in the summer if you are working on a large quilt, might be nice for smaller ones. Anyway something to think about. I forgot to say Welcome I think you will like it here. I will look you up on Facebook.


Klamath Falls,OR

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Joni replied on Thu, Oct 8 2009 9:55 AM

So far unable to find q-frame or Hinterberg, except online.

Flynn quilter?  Anyone tried this one, any comments. 

While trying to decide which one to purchase, they are all expensive (so I want to be sure), I'm going to use a simple 14" wooden hoop or try.

I've got to quilt Gracie's Paper Doll Quilt before going onto another project.  She asked me this weekend when it would be finished.  And to add to my many projects there will be another baby in about 7 or 8 months, so excited.

Help y'all!  LOL! Joni

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Nana replied on Thu, Oct 8 2009 11:52 AM

Joni      Congratulations on another addition!  


Vinton, Virginia

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KATHYC-3 replied on Thu, Oct 8 2009 12:07 PM

I like the hoops but one word of caution...don't get one that is too big unless it is on a stand.  The big ones are cumbersome to use without the stand. I also have one that is flat on one side....great for doing around the edges and borders.

I have a large Gracie frame but haven't used it in a while as it takes up so much room and our new house doesn't really have a space for it. I have one of the PVC ones and it is great.

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I have a Hinterberg hoop on a swivel stand. It is great to work with while sitting in a recliner, not reclining, of course.It is very sturdy.  But I could only find them on line. They are very good people to work with. I ordered the large hoop, I think it is 29" in diameter. But it is really to big. I can't reach into the very middle of the hoop and have to move the quilt to get to the middle. My sister ordered the 22" hoop and it is much easier to work with. But I do love mine. I have a quilt on it at all times. Well, nor right now, because I just finished Kayla's Cats and gave it to my granddaughter, a late graduation present.  am actually thinking of ordering the 22 inch hoop to go on my stand so I can reach the center of the quilt. Yes, they are all very expensive, but if you want to hand quilt you should have a frame that suits you. I tried the Q-snap floor frame and it gave me back pain and shoulder pain because it is not adjustable. I gave mine away to someone who wanted to try it. I used it for a long time until I could afford the one I wanted. Good luck to you in your search.


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So far unable to find q-frame or Hinterberg, except online.

Here comes confession time...

I was curious about the Q-Snap frame, so I bought one last night at my LQS.  I bought the 17 x 17 frame.  My current quilt is 18-1/2 inches square, so I'm going to try it!  I have to admit that I love how lightweight it is.  I'll bet it will be wonderful to travel with.  Inexpensive too!  I think it was $17 or $18.

So, Joni - yes, I did find it in a store.  I hope you have better luck!

Jaci – Streator, Illinois

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