Hi I am a new member.

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Patty Posted: Tue, Sep 15 2009 3:42 PM

Hi I live in Wisconsin and am now retired almost 3 years. I love quilting and have been quilting since 1981.  Quilting has gotten me through some hard times when I loss my husband 4 years ago to Cancer.  I made a memory quilt in memory of my him for Hospice, and also a quilt for each of my daughters from pieces of his flannel shirts that he loved to wear when he hunted or fished.

I and my newly rescued dog Buddy  the Beagle spend lots of time walking and getting ideas for new quilts. Buddy lays on and old quilt on the floor next to me when I sew. I usually piece my tops by machine but I like to quilt by hand. Then I can take it with me when ever I travel, but I have started to try machine quilting in the last year.

I do most of my quilting in the Fall and Winter when the days are short and the nights are long. In the spring and summer I get my ideas for quilts and start going through my stash to see if I have what I need to make a quilt. Like I really need to buy any more material , batting,  backing, thread or patterns. I am sure you other quilters know what I mean.

I tell my children that my quilting stuff is their inheritance. Ha Ha.

I am sure I am going to enjoy being a member and using all the information QCA has and meeting new friends.

Happy quilting to you all.



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gini replied on Tue, Sep 15 2009 4:45 PM

welcome patty,   it's nice to have another new face.  this is a great site, with lots of sharing. i'm sorry  to hear about your husband.  we love to see pictures, and not just of quilts.  we'ld love ot see buddy, too.        gini

gini in north idaho

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Kris replied on Tue, Sep 15 2009 5:12 PM

Welcome Patty.

Sorry for your loss. I'm glad you had quilting to get you through such a tough time.

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Welcome to the QCA forums, Patty! I, too, am sorry for your loss. I'll bet your children were exceedingly happy, though, to have quilts made from his shirts. As Gini said, we love to see pictures!


Gillette, WY


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Sandy H. replied on Tue, Sep 15 2009 7:03 PM

Hi Patty and I'm adding my welcome to the rest.  We're glad to have you with us.


Southwest Florida

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Happy replied on Wed, Sep 16 2009 1:26 PM

Welcome Patty Ihope you like it here I do when I go some where that I can't take my computer it hate it


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Pat replied on Sat, Sep 19 2009 12:44 AM

Hi Patty,

I'm sorry about your husband. I'm sure Hospice and your children cherish those quilts. What a great idea to use his shirts. I imagine that quilting them must have been very healing. Do your daughters quilt too?

I'm glad you have a rescue dog :) They make the best pets, I swear.

Welcome the the group.

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Angel replied on Sat, Sep 19 2009 3:08 AM

Hi Patty,

I am new to the boards too. You already made an impression on me....I have a weak spot for rescued animals...just ask my cat Fluffer Nutter. He will tell you.

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Good Morning and welcome!

Largo, FL

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Edith replied on Sat, Sep 19 2009 7:06 AM


welcome Patty

So glad you joined our group. Like you I do most of my quilting in the fall and winter. This summer I was pretty ill . this group is the best form of sharing and learning anyone could have.  Not to mention all the support---whether you are just feeeling a little down or need some motivation.  -----they are here.  Don't forget to send us pictures  of your quilts. , ,


Welcome , Patty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edith from Canada

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