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Judy T-Bellingham posted on Thu, Apr 14 2011 1:45 PM

I'm puzzled. I wanted a pair of quilting gloves. I looked at Joanne Fabrics and the Fons and Porter gloves were nearly $25! I had a 50% coupon but still didn't want to pay that much. I was cruising around the internet and found the Fons and Porter gloves at connectingthreads.com for only $2.79!

I ordered a pair, along with a few other things (of course). I paid $4.29 shipping for everything and the gloves and books arrived yesterday. They are red, stretchy and the palm is covered with tiny gripping dots.

I tried them out, doing some free motion quilting on an old quilt I had that I'd never finished because I didn't like it. I love these things! I've struggled so with machine quilting and these gloves make the world of difference. I have so much better control and ability to keep my stitches reasonably consistent.

But, I'm still puzzled over the really huge price difference. I think they're the same glove. Both are Fons and Porter. Whatever, they work great and I spent a tiny amount of money on them.

In the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

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Judy, the $25 glove your were looking at is the "clutz" glove, for protecting your hand that holds the ruler while rotary cutting.  I think an Ove Glove would do the same thing.  Sure wish I'd had one several years ago:  you should see the scar on my index finger from when the rotary cutter slipped!  As for the quilting gloves, they are cheap, but as they say in the commercial, "priceless"!

That makes sense.  I have one pair of those to use especially when I am "training" a new quilter in the use of the rotary cutter!  I won't let anyone under 18 use the cutter without gloves (unless they are with their parent).  I haven't had an issue but I've seen some scary things.


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Joy replied on Mon, Apr 25 2011 10:30 AM

I absolutely love F&P quilting gloves! I think you were looking at the wrong ones at JoAnn's. The only downside to the gloves is they don't last long...maybe a year or so before they start getting holes in the tips. (But I do a lot of quilting.)  I have also purchased the more expensive ones $10 + a pair but they didn't fit nearly as well and didn't last too much longer.


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Barbara replied on Mon, Apr 25 2011 10:37 AM

I have used and still do the $3.00 gloves from my local Lowes or Home Depot , they have the little Dots on them and they work just fine. I don't have to spend alot of bucks to get them..Barbara



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