Super Bowl - anyone a fan?

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Prairie Dog:

Not a fan of football.  My big day is February 2nd.  We make a huge breakfast and sit around the television waiting for our cousin to pop out of his tunnel.  He doesn't make it to any of the family reunions so that is the only time we see him all year.  I wish the show was longer and the ads aren't anything special but the snacks are good.  Grubs and ants are hard to find this time of year but worth the price. 


Too funny!! When I was in high school I had a girlfriend who was from Punxatawny. Our senior year, I went there with her. OMG!!! They are freaks about Phil! I am not joking...groundhogs the mascot for the fire station, groundhog heads make up the garbage can lids (you throw the garbage into their mouth). It is insane!!

Well, I got a little tipsy (ok, ok I was VERY tipsy) and we hit a bump in the road...I screamed STOP...the driver slammed on his brakes and says, "what" I told him to make sure it wasn't Phil he ran over...OH MY GOODNESS!!! Do you know her friends in Punxy asked her to not bring me again. They were very offended!

Needless to say I never went back but I did plan Phil's assassination all weekend (again, not too funny to them).

TRUE STORY...I was practically escorted out of town.

Cumberland Gap, TN

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Libby replied on Mon, Feb 7 2011 6:46 PM

Rhonda, it is much more insane now. My brother moved to Punxsy a few years ago. He couldn't believe the fuss over Phil and the ceremony. I am surprised he hasn't been escorted out of town because he's pretty vocal about the "holiday". I visited there a couple of years ago and could not believe the way the city is decked out, and it was April. The library has live ground hogs in a pen in the window, park benches are groundhog related, many carvings and paintings, and even murals. Kinda freaked me out was happy to see them in the rear view mirror on the way out of town.


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Annette replied on Mon, Feb 7 2011 6:53 PM

Well a big high-five to all my Packer friends out there!   And a big high-five/great game to my Steeler friends!  I much prefer close games (regardless of sport) instead of one-sided blowouts and I thought this year was a good one.   Now its time to put away the cheesehead - next year it'll be a whole new season.

Praire Dog and Rhonda - those comments were great!   I'm still laughing!



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margoee replied on Mon, Feb 7 2011 8:48 PM

The boys did it!!!!  LOVE Aaron Rogers and the Packers!!!!


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