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June 2011 - Posts

While I write this, it reminds me of the movie Julie Julia (which I might add, was a GREAT movie). I don't know who would want to read about me, my family, or my quilts? But I do need to find a way to record the work on my quilts on a daily basis. I thought, perhaps that I could just do it in a Word document, but then thought that as long as I was writing, I would share with whomever wanted to follow along. If there isn't anyone, well, there wouldn't have been on a Word document either. 

Today, I probably will not find myself in my studio until I complete a much needed bit of house cleaning/changing. While Caleb is away at Camp Ao-wa-kiya, I'm switching bedrooms between us. Won't he be surprised? I have to also go down and feed, water, and clean his rabbit cages. I love how quiet the house is when everybody is gone for the day, but it gets old after about Wednesday. Hopefully, Jim won't have to work ALL week so we can have some fun together (GM Changeover, or some other such thing). 

Must get off here so I can get busy. The quicker I move these rooms, the quicker I can turn on my sewing machine!

Until tomorrow!

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