Oh-my-goodness! I found sometime to finish my second block in the It's-So-Bright quilt! For reference, the first block was sewn perhaps a month ago. With my little angel running amok (she took her first unaided steps yesterday!) it took several hours to sew together three seams, LOL! I'm sure once I get the hang of it, things will come together more quickly. I still have some errors lining things up, but I'm sure I'll get better with practice. I'm trying very hard to break the ironing habit and press instead. You would think it would be easy to remember ;)

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I decided to dig up the original block work I had completed last year--before I gave up. First, I was surprised. I finished much more than I had first believed (4 blocks and several partials).

My first tutor for quilting was, as I said before, McCall's. In fact it was "Quilts & Afghans: from McCall's Needlework & Crafts" circa 1984. In this particular book one learns how to make the following:  Seminole Stripes,  Fan, Broken Star, an Heirloom composed of 20 different appliqued blocks, Bear Paw, Tulip applique, Amish Diamond, Schoolhouse, Ribbon-Stripe, Pine Tree, two different wall hangings, and a very adorable Sunbonnet Sue quilt set that features windblown star blocks, Dresden Plate piecing and applique. I just kind of took things from one of pattern the patterns (I think the bear claw), and made some awful sketches that I started to turn into something ;)

Anyway. So I dig up my original hand-pieced blocks and they are positively pastel compared to my new quilt color story. I think he only thought they looked bright because they were in comparison to some older dark red and brown FQs I had lying around in storage ;) Now they're orphaned. At least for now! I'm machine piecing the new quilt, but I'm thinking I could work this into a scrappy one sometime in the future.


Ahaha, first block in the It's-So-Bright Quilt project ;) A few errors in lining up the pieces, but otherwise, I'm happy!


It was a nine-patch that I divided and twisted up all wonky~ I have the second block ready to  sew up, but it's hard with a 10 mo old :/ I don't know how some of these moms do it!

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...is quickly approaching! I can feel the deadlines for handmade Christmas presents breathing warmly against my neck. Ha. Now, if I can only get them all done in time!

I'm new to quilting. I always wanted to quilt. I would read my mothers old McCall quilting books and get a fire inside me to try it, but I just never did. Well, not until now. I'm working on my first quilt now, and I think it's charming with all the tiny errors within it. It's been started twice. First, when I was pregnant and I lovingly hand-pieced my first block. And then my hubby told me it was much too bright! I happen to like bright, but he was convinced our daughter would *hate* it. Dejected, I stopped with that single patch and stewed for a year. I couldn't, however, stave off the I-want-to-quilt bug forever! I started again with new fabric, and guess what? It's bright! Even brighter than before, hahaha. I guess I'm just thumbing my nose at him now.

(kona cotton white, blush, pomegranate, corn, lime, chartreuse, bahama &  fanfare in rose)

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