Oh my gosh, I'm not really good at this blogging thing. I'd been so busy with sewing, and then I went on a month long trip to visit family during April. It's time to play catch up!I have better pictures on my camera, but I need batteries

Finished! Nana's Quilt (February)

Finished! Lyra's Quilt (March)

Finished! Jason's quilt (March)

I decided to give myself a rough schedule. That way I can control myself better because my stash is crazy overflowing! You know, something to give me perspective?  And wow did it give me some! I have 2 big projects that won't be touched until 2011 ( Queen sized quilt in Wonderland by MoMo & a scrappy bird themed quilt).

January - Nana's Quilt (Nostalgia/Moda)

I need to finish this by mid-February. I'm already half way through sewing my blocks (18/36). I need to purchase sashing material and batting.

February/March - Lyra's 1st Birthday Quilt

April - Rail Quilt

I need to photograph this project. It's Amelia from Timeless Treasures.

May - Stacked Coin Quilt

June/July - Tom & Caroline's Wedding Present

August/Sept - Unknown

October/November - Christmas Present

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A new year and a new project! My Nana's birthday is toward the end of February, and I decided I'm going to make her a lap quilt. That seems to me to be an *extra* special present! I chose Nostalgia from Moda. I had bought 4 charm packs earlier this year. I just dug them out of my stash and tore right into them! It was such a delight. There are 40 charms in a pack, and I made stacks of like fabrics.

This line is so pretty! I was a little overwhelmed ;) Since they had been stored, I hadn't been able to really appreciate how lovely a line it is! I even started cutting (i know huge surprise!). From the stacks of 4 they were divided thusly:

1-5x5 charm

4-2.5x5 strips

4-2.5x2.5 squares

I need to buy fabric for sashing, but I'm conflicted--I don't know if I want a solid white sash, or one of the tonals from the Nostalgia line. I guess I'll figure that out when I have some squares done.

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Oh boy November was busy! Two parties to plan for and a baby to coddle ;) I hardly had a chance to touch any of my projects last month! But I did and I finished two, yay!

Firstly, the gift for my mother:

This runner is so beautifully flawed. My mom will definitely know I made it with my own two hands! My binding is wavy (I really did think everything was square before I started putting it on!) and I got not one, but two wrinkles in the backing when I was quilting (hey, it adds character). I spent the last three days on and off attaching the binding. I washed and dried it today and it's so lovely and crinkly. I found something I unexpectedly liked! I love the free-motion quilting! I decided to only quilt the inner stripes and not the outer border.  Sure, where I started for the first inch or two looks dreadful, but by the end I was really feeling it. I need more practice before the stitching is even--I went too fast in some places and too slow in others--but all-in-all; I loved it. My first quilted item all done! Even if it wasn't the first one I started.

Next: Tom's Scarf. I lanolinized and blocked it yesterday. The finished length is 6.5 feet! It's nice and soft now and faintly smells of fruit (my no-rinse wash is fruit scented). I'm pretty happy with how this turned out as well.

I started another knitting project mid-late November. It's a fair isle piece (my first), but I neglected to photograph it. I hope to have something up by the end of this week <3

And two steps back! I unmade my scarf today. It was just too thin. I re-cast it to be ten stitches wider (38 instead of 28 stitches). It's kind of disheartening since I was half way through the project, but it had to be done. I wouldn't have been happy giving it as a gift.

Halloween was awesome! This was my daughter's first and she was dressed as Princess Leia a la Star Wars. We only went to 4 houses since it was the memories and not the candy we were after (God knows we had enough at home!).  By the time the night was over, she was plum tuckered out and passed right out at 9 pm but was up with the birds this morning ;)

I took her on a walk today and we trolled around Borders for a spell. The world should mourn when all the men and women of my Nana's generation have past. It seems that so many are impatient, and can't even be bothered to say 'excuse me' or 'thank you.' Even people that I thought should know better.  My mother taught me manners, and for that, I am thankful. I was crouched in an aisle with the stroller to get a book and a teenage girl actually crawled OVER my daughter to get around her. A simple 'excuse me' and I would have known I was in the way. I always say excuse me when I walk down an aisle and interrupt someone's view of the shelves, let alone when I need to get where they are! And then, when I was leaving, a man and his daughter and wife waited on me to open the DOUBLE doors! They watched me struggle with the doors (never mind that they could have gone around me, there were TWO doors for mercy's sake!). The door kept closing on my daughter because they were so heavy, and they had the nerve to be impatient! I, personally, open the doors for others--especially the elderly or infirm. I give up my seat on the bus, too. Maybe, it's just where I am. I'm not from Connecticut, I'm from California. I tried to help a woman with a door when I first moved here, and she yelled at me (her arms were full of groceries) and accused me of trying to kill her.

Yes, really. She accused me of trying to kill her because I held a door open so that she could walk through it. I didn't even touch her.

I've only lived here a year. I guess I have a while to go before I really fit in.


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O-M-G, I finished the remaining strip sets today. I wasn't really sure it would ever happen. Now, I'm at a fork in the road. It's like a choose-your-own adventure: if you cut down for 4.5x4.5 rails turn to page 21; if you keep it striped, turn to page 5.

I'm so undecided!

It will be easier to keep it stripes, plus I like the look. On the other hand, while it is more work...I also like the rails! Ha.

While I think time may make the decision for me; I'm still tickled I made it this far ;)

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I am not a fast knitter. I actually don't really know what would qualify as fast. My mom tells me my Aunt was pretty fast and could get projects done in a day. That so isn't me. I probably get 3 inches knitted in stockinette stitch in one hour. It's not often that I get a whole uninterrupted hour, either.

I finished the first hank, and that knitted up to about 18.5-ish inches in length. I started my second last night. I've knitted perhaps 4 inches into the second hank so far. I was being way optimistic to say I would be done by the end of the first week of November. Chances are the end of the second week of November is more realistic. It's looking like one ball a week.

I love how the marl is looking, except it shows the little handmade flaws (like variable tension XD)

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I'm so happy! I'm getting time here and there to work on my project for my Mom. I think the hubby realizes how important this is to me, because he's watching our lil Angel more :) All thanks to him, I was able to break out the sewing machine (dun-duh-da!) and I was able to sew together 4 sets! While these 4 didn't have the darker plum color, the remaining 6 sets do.

Though, now I am reconsidering cutting them down into 4.5x4.5 blocks. I like the stripe-y look, too. I guess when I have a chance to finish the other 6 sets, I will have a better idea of what I want to do. The fabric I chose for the back and binding arrived the other day. I already have the batting. Since I have all the components, it should come together quickly enough (if I am a little liberal about word usage anyway ;)

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By some fluke today I was able to do some more cutting on my mother's Christmas gift! yay all over the place :) I still haven't done my trimming yet, though :x

I arranged them so that I could make blocks of 4 strips.

and then pinned them together to save time for when I am able to unpack the sewing machine. There are 10 sets of 4 strips that will be cut down into 2 blocks (20 blocks total)when they're all sewn together. I am working off a pattern that was published on moda's Bakeshop called Petits Fours by Angela Davy. Goodness, these fabrics are just so pretty! I hope my mother likes it as much as I am starting too <3

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Yesterday was pretty busy. It was one of those beautiful autumn days that's just warm enough to wear short sleeves but cool enough to be enjoyable. I love these days, especially after the deluge we received the day before. My daughter's first birthday is next month (right after Thanksgiving!). We went yesterday to order her birthday cake (there's just too much going on for me to make it along with everything else that needs cooking). That trip mystically turned into a few hour shopping excursion. I pretty much suck when it comes to "we'll just get in and out and it'll be over" trips. When I say that now, the hubby laughs and shakes his head. Only in make-believe-land will anything remotely like that ever happen. It doesn't matter where we go. My legs get mired in molasses and I take my sweet time perusing ;) I did, however, manage to get some knitting done! Yay :) I also was able to unpack some of my supplies and started to cut my Mom's Christmas present, too.

Ha. Okay, so I'm trimming down these 10x10 squares to 9x9, and then subcutting 6 - 1.5x9 strips which are further cut to 12 - 1.5x4.5 strips. Because I want as much usable scrap as possible, I'm trimming first to 9x10 and then cutting the width. This, when I do it right, leaves me with 1 - 1x10 and 1 - 1x9 per 10 in sq.

Naturally, the first square I do, I forget to rotate my mat and cut 6 - 1.5x10 strips. *face palm*

Not the end of the world, luckily. Just a little bit more trimming for me to do. But it's a good thing that layer cake has 40 pieces in case something really bad does happen ;)

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Have I mentioned that I love the mail? Well, I do! Especially when new goodies come!

This lovely bite is destined to become a tablerunner for my Mom this Christmas. She loves greens and purples. I bought it on sale at cotton patch quilts a few days ago. I'm so excited. The fabric is so pretty! I bought the layer cake because I only want to use the greens, mauve, and cream pieces. The cheapest I found the charm packs was around 6 dollars, so it made more sense. And I'll still have some left over for my stash--that's always nice, yeah? I went through and separated the fabrics already, but my daughter caught a cold...so probably no cutting today.

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I probably need an intervention. I was shopping on-line for fabric, again. Do they have FA meetings? Hello, I'm Woodbines, and I have a problem. I did, of course, have a good reason to be shopping. I bought backing and binding fabric for the gift for my mother. I also bought binding fabric for me. And then a half yard of something I just thought looked nice. I'm sure you all know how that goes. I found some time to knit randomly today. My daughter is fascinated by the yarn. I thought giving her, her own ball would solve the problem.


She unwound her little scrap ball and bee-lined for mine, which I had (with a Mommy's foresight) tucked away behind the couch and away from little hands. At the rate I'm progressing I should be done by the end of the first week of November (fingers crossed). But that brings it's own little problem.

November is national novel writing month, or NaNoWriMo.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

The new addition to my Lust? Dolce by Tanya Whelan for FreeSpirit. I believe it releases next month.

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I love the mail <3 My yarn came today! It's a worsted weight wool blend that I'm using to knit a scarf for my soon to be brother-in-law~ He's Irish with a touch of the brogue and I thought this gray/white/green-y-brown blend really compliments his sort of style ;) I think it's a fairly masculine sort of color scheme, so he should like it (I hope).

Of course, that means my daughter loves it, too. Not so much because it's nice to look at but because Mommy is messing with it! How fast her little hands are! I started this evening after it was delivered. I still have a long way to go, he's just over six feet tall and I find a scarf is most comfortable if it's near to your own height (my opinion only, of course). I shouldn't have too much of a problem finishing it before Christmas if I pace myself properly. November is going to be a hellish month with all the little projects I want to get finished for the holiday, but I really wouldn't have it any other way.

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Not only do I adore Moda, but I have a spot for the lively fabrics from Michael Miller as well! The first fabrics that I really looked at when I started to quilt were from Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market line. I was immediately smitten. Admittedly, originally I was looking for fabric to decorate my daughter's bedroom and not fabric to quilt with. Over time, I had purchased several half yards and FQs from that line, and from her earlier line, Ginger Blossom. I am beside myself with anticipation for her newest line, Meadowsweet, which I believe is being released in November. I love the oranges and browns!  Oi, my poor pocket book! Why do all these fabrics have to come so close to Christmas? Don't they know I have presents to buy? ;)

Releases I Am Looking Forward To:

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Sometimes, I think my fabric is fornicating! My stash just keeps growing. I know it's because I can't help myself. A FQ here and a half yard there until my storage box (I have one of those plastic under the bed sort) starts to bulge. I have so many ideas, and there are many delightful fabrics that just scream for me to own them. Not to mention I do most of my fabric purchasing on the internet, which makes it hard to stop. There are also all those yummy pre-cuts! I know that for the cost you really don't get the yardage, but! it makes it easy to own little bits that you don't have to really cut! I like that a whole bunch. I really really don't like cutting fabric ;)

Needless to say, because I'm a fabric hoarder, I can't help but skim the internet for fabric. And since I like pre-cuts, I pay special attention to Moda. Moda, I find, consistently has cute patterns that appeal to who I am right now.  It's not surprising then that there are several lines I am eager to own ;)

November Release(s):

December Release(s):

Jan '10 Release(s):

February '10 Release(s):

March '10 Release(s):

April '10 Release(s):



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