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I decided to give myself a rough schedule. That way I can control myself better because my stash is crazy overflowing! You know, something to give me perspective?  And wow did it give me some! I have 2 big projects that won't be touched until 2011 ( Queen sized quilt in Wonderland by MoMo & a scrappy bird themed quilt).

January - Nana's Quilt (Nostalgia/Moda)

I need to finish this by mid-February. I'm already half way through sewing my blocks (18/36). I need to purchase sashing material and batting.

February/March - Lyra's 1st Birthday Quilt

April - Rail Quilt

I need to photograph this project. It's Amelia from Timeless Treasures.

May - Stacked Coin Quilt

June/July - Tom & Caroline's Wedding Present

August/Sept - Unknown

October/November - Christmas Present

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A new year and a new project! My Nana's birthday is toward the end of February, and I decided I'm going to make her a lap quilt. That seems to me to be an *extra* special present! I chose Nostalgia from Moda. I had bought 4 charm packs earlier this year. I just dug them out of my stash and tore right into them! It was such a delight. There are 40 charms in a pack, and I made stacks of like fabrics.

This line is so pretty! I was a little overwhelmed ;) Since they had been stored, I hadn't been able to really appreciate how lovely a line it is! I even started cutting (i know huge surprise!). From the stacks of 4 they were divided thusly:

1-5x5 charm

4-2.5x5 strips

4-2.5x2.5 squares

I need to buy fabric for sashing, but I'm conflicted--I don't know if I want a solid white sash, or one of the tonals from the Nostalgia line. I guess I'll figure that out when I have some squares done.

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