Updates Abound!

Posted Wed, Dec 9 2009 5:03 PM by woodbines

Oh boy November was busy! Two parties to plan for and a baby to coddle ;) I hardly had a chance to touch any of my projects last month! But I did and I finished two, yay!

Firstly, the gift for my mother:

This runner is so beautifully flawed. My mom will definitely know I made it with my own two hands! My binding is wavy (I really did think everything was square before I started putting it on!) and I got not one, but two wrinkles in the backing when I was quilting (hey, it adds character). I spent the last three days on and off attaching the binding. I washed and dried it today and it's so lovely and crinkly. I found something I unexpectedly liked! I love the free-motion quilting! I decided to only quilt the inner stripes and not the outer border.  Sure, where I started for the first inch or two looks dreadful, but by the end I was really feeling it. I need more practice before the stitching is even--I went too fast in some places and too slow in others--but all-in-all; I loved it. My first quilted item all done! Even if it wasn't the first one I started.

Next: Tom's Scarf. I lanolinized and blocked it yesterday. The finished length is 6.5 feet! It's nice and soft now and faintly smells of fruit (my no-rinse wash is fruit scented). I'm pretty happy with how this turned out as well.

I started another knitting project mid-late November. It's a fair isle piece (my first), but I neglected to photograph it. I hope to have something up by the end of this week <3