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And two steps back! I unmade my scarf today. It was just too thin. I re-cast it to be ten stitches wider (38 instead of 28 stitches). It's kind of disheartening since I was half way through the project, but it had to be done. I wouldn't have been happy giving it as a gift.

Halloween was awesome! This was my daughter's first and she was dressed as Princess Leia a la Star Wars. We only went to 4 houses since it was the memories and not the candy we were after (God knows we had enough at home!).  By the time the night was over, she was plum tuckered out and passed right out at 9 pm but was up with the birds this morning ;)

I took her on a walk today and we trolled around Borders for a spell. The world should mourn when all the men and women of my Nana's generation have past. It seems that so many are impatient, and can't even be bothered to say 'excuse me' or 'thank you.' Even people that I thought should know better.  My mother taught me manners, and for that, I am thankful. I was crouched in an aisle with the stroller to get a book and a teenage girl actually crawled OVER my daughter to get around her. A simple 'excuse me' and I would have known I was in the way. I always say excuse me when I walk down an aisle and interrupt someone's view of the shelves, let alone when I need to get where they are! And then, when I was leaving, a man and his daughter and wife waited on me to open the DOUBLE doors! They watched me struggle with the doors (never mind that they could have gone around me, there were TWO doors for mercy's sake!). The door kept closing on my daughter because they were so heavy, and they had the nerve to be impatient! I, personally, open the doors for others--especially the elderly or infirm. I give up my seat on the bus, too. Maybe, it's just where I am. I'm not from Connecticut, I'm from California. I tried to help a woman with a door when I first moved here, and she yelled at me (her arms were full of groceries) and accused me of trying to kill her.

Yes, really. She accused me of trying to kill her because I held a door open so that she could walk through it. I didn't even touch her.

I've only lived here a year. I guess I have a while to go before I really fit in.


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