And the Scarf Goes On!

Posted Thu, Oct 29 2009 2:58 PM by woodbines

I am not a fast knitter. I actually don't really know what would qualify as fast. My mom tells me my Aunt was pretty fast and could get projects done in a day. That so isn't me. I probably get 3 inches knitted in stockinette stitch in one hour. It's not often that I get a whole uninterrupted hour, either.

I finished the first hank, and that knitted up to about 18.5-ish inches in length. I started my second last night. I've knitted perhaps 4 inches into the second hank so far. I was being way optimistic to say I would be done by the end of the first week of November. Chances are the end of the second week of November is more realistic. It's looking like one ball a week.

I love how the marl is looking, except it shows the little handmade flaws (like variable tension XD)

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