Adventures in Cutting

Posted Mon, Oct 26 2009 8:28 AM by woodbines

Yesterday was pretty busy. It was one of those beautiful autumn days that's just warm enough to wear short sleeves but cool enough to be enjoyable. I love these days, especially after the deluge we received the day before. My daughter's first birthday is next month (right after Thanksgiving!). We went yesterday to order her birthday cake (there's just too much going on for me to make it along with everything else that needs cooking). That trip mystically turned into a few hour shopping excursion. I pretty much suck when it comes to "we'll just get in and out and it'll be over" trips. When I say that now, the hubby laughs and shakes his head. Only in make-believe-land will anything remotely like that ever happen. It doesn't matter where we go. My legs get mired in molasses and I take my sweet time perusing ;) I did, however, manage to get some knitting done! Yay :) I also was able to unpack some of my supplies and started to cut my Mom's Christmas present, too.

Ha. Okay, so I'm trimming down these 10x10 squares to 9x9, and then subcutting 6 - 1.5x9 strips which are further cut to 12 - 1.5x4.5 strips. Because I want as much usable scrap as possible, I'm trimming first to 9x10 and then cutting the width. This, when I do it right, leaves me with 1 - 1x10 and 1 - 1x9 per 10 in sq.

Naturally, the first square I do, I forget to rotate my mat and cut 6 - 1.5x10 strips. *face palm*

Not the end of the world, luckily. Just a little bit more trimming for me to do. But it's a good thing that layer cake has 40 pieces in case something really bad does happen ;)

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