Lust: Moda Edition

Posted Wed, Oct 21 2009 9:37 AM by woodbines

Sometimes, I think my fabric is fornicating! My stash just keeps growing. I know it's because I can't help myself. A FQ here and a half yard there until my storage box (I have one of those plastic under the bed sort) starts to bulge. I have so many ideas, and there are many delightful fabrics that just scream for me to own them. Not to mention I do most of my fabric purchasing on the internet, which makes it hard to stop. There are also all those yummy pre-cuts! I know that for the cost you really don't get the yardage, but! it makes it easy to own little bits that you don't have to really cut! I like that a whole bunch. I really really don't like cutting fabric ;)

Needless to say, because I'm a fabric hoarder, I can't help but skim the internet for fabric. And since I like pre-cuts, I pay special attention to Moda. Moda, I find, consistently has cute patterns that appeal to who I am right now.  It's not surprising then that there are several lines I am eager to own ;)

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