Lust: Michael Miller Edition

Posted Wed, Oct 21 2009 4:56 PM by woodbines

Not only do I adore Moda, but I have a spot for the lively fabrics from Michael Miller as well! The first fabrics that I really looked at when I started to quilt were from Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market line. I was immediately smitten. Admittedly, originally I was looking for fabric to decorate my daughter's bedroom and not fabric to quilt with. Over time, I had purchased several half yards and FQs from that line, and from her earlier line, Ginger Blossom. I am beside myself with anticipation for her newest line, Meadowsweet, which I believe is being released in November. I love the oranges and browns!  Oi, my poor pocket book! Why do all these fabrics have to come so close to Christmas? Don't they know I have presents to buy? ;)

Releases I Am Looking Forward To:

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