Posted Mon, Oct 19 2009 8:10 AM by woodbines quickly approaching! I can feel the deadlines for handmade Christmas presents breathing warmly against my neck. Ha. Now, if I can only get them all done in time!

I'm new to quilting. I always wanted to quilt. I would read my mothers old McCall quilting books and get a fire inside me to try it, but I just never did. Well, not until now. I'm working on my first quilt now, and I think it's charming with all the tiny errors within it. It's been started twice. First, when I was pregnant and I lovingly hand-pieced my first block. And then my hubby told me it was much too bright! I happen to like bright, but he was convinced our daughter would *hate* it. Dejected, I stopped with that single patch and stewed for a year. I couldn't, however, stave off the I-want-to-quilt bug forever! I started again with new fabric, and guess what? It's bright! Even brighter than before, hahaha. I guess I'm just thumbing my nose at him now.

(kona cotton white, blush, pomegranate, corn, lime, chartreuse, bahama &  fanfare in rose)

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