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Who I am.

I am the last daughter of a circus perfomer family.  My family were circus performers in the 20's to the early 50's.  They were trapeze artists, clowns, ladder, and trick act performers with various circus bands.  I grew up with a mother who sewed all the costumes for the performances and I grew to love sewing as much as she did.  My father was 63 years old when I was born, my mother was 40 years old.  My father's brother was in the civil war, my father in WWI, my brother in WWII, my other brother in Viet Nam, I was in the Army, married a military man who died in 1988.  I raised my children on my own after my husband's death and never remarried.  My father was born in 1891 my mother in 1910.  I come from old family and grew up in a strange unusual environment where I learn to be tolerate and accepting of strange people -- little people, individuals with deformities or abnomalties were normal to me so I understand and accept these as normal to me.  I read a lot, have several college degrees, retired from Federal Service recently and love to sew.  I spend most of my days in my cottage sewing and singing along to the oldies.  I am a happy individual with no regrets or unfinished things in my life.

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