STEP 6: Explore and Participate in the Show & Tell Gallery!

The Show & Tell Gallery will grow to be an incredible resource - especially if you tag each image you upload!


Uploading Images into the Show & Tell Gallery

First, you need to create your own gallery:

  • Click on the Create Gallery link in your My Profile box (which is on your member homepage or profile page)
  • Your gallery is now created and you are on its homepage

Second, start uploading images:

  • Be sure you have your images ready on your computer for uploading and you know where they are
  • Click on the red Upload a New Project button

  • Click on Specify File button

  • Choose the location of the file (most likely your desktop or a file where you keep your pictures)
  • Click Save

  • Enter the project name and description
  • Please note: You can place additional "process" photos if you'd like in the description instead of uploading them as separate images! Just use the Insert Media tool just as you would when writing a post in the forums or in a blog.

Third, Tagging....the important part!

  • Click on Select Tags button - a window will open


  • Check each tag that applies to your project, then click OK

  • Those tags will populate in the tags box
  • Add any additional tags you think best describes the project
  • Preview your project if you'd like, then
  • Click on Save if you're done
  • Click on Save and Upload More if you're planning to add multiple projects

Congratulations! Now your images are part of your gallery, and can also be searched in the Show & Tell Gallery.

Searching for images in the Show & Tell Gallery

  • Click on Show & Tell
  • Click on the Categories that interest you and select which tag you're looking for from its drop down menu

  • As you select tags (each time narrowing your search) the tag along with its results will appear at the top of the page

  • You can delete a tag by clicking on the orange "x" next to it - this will broaden your search results


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