STEP 3: Change your Profile Name & Edit Your Profile

Your Profile Name is how you're known to others on the site. You may (or may not) want that to be identical to your Username. To protect your privacy, we recommend that you change your Profile name if you set up your e-mail address as your Username.

When you first register on the site, your Username will be your Profile Name unless you change it. Here's how you can do that:

  • Go to your Member Home Page
  • Click Edit My Profile in your My Profile box in the center column

  • You'll see three links: Profile Options, Site Options and Sign-In Information.
  • Click on Profile Options, scroll down to the Name field and enter your Profile Name.
  • Then enter your bio, location, occupation and gender if you'd like.

  • Important: Scroll all the way to the bottom and click SAVE.


Note: Changing your Profile Name does NOT change your Username. It only changes how you are known while your are participating on the site. For example: When you start posting in the Message Boards, Show & Tell Gallery, Groups or Blog, your Profile Name will be used. You will still log in to the site with your Username (and Password).

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