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Hello everyone. My name is Claudette and I have an obsession with sewing, crafts, and creating art of pretty much any kind. My husband helped me build a small but serviceable sewing room/craft room/office in the extra bedroom of our home, and I use it a LOT. I've been a sewer for many years, but I'm fairly new to quilting and am learning new things all of the time.

... And then there was another blog.

I should really be sewing right now. 

I have projects I really need to finish before I start something new...  but I got a shipment of laminated cotton and PUL today that is calling to me.  I really do need a lunchbag - seriously!  And the fabric is beautiful!  No, seriously...wanna see?

But there's that baby quilt I'm supposed to be working on, and the kid is due any day now.  And I still have a special project for my friend Tammy that she is absolutely going to love once it gets finished (more on that later - it's a secret for now!)  Spring is just around the corner, and I could use some new skirts for work.  Then there's a group project in the QCA Crazy Quilt group that starts soon (that is going to be loads of fun!) 

So why start a projects blog when I could be using my time for actual projects?

I like to share.  Sharing is nice.  My mother told me so. 

In all seriousness, I find it's a good way to get feedback to improve future projects, a good way to show someone else techniques that they may not have tried, and a nice way to keep track of my projects.  I've collected a wealth of information from generous people on the internet, and I'm thinking it might be time for me to give a little back. 

And it's fun.  I'm all about the fun.


Published Wed, Mar 9 2011 8:05 PM by Claudette


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Welcome to you!

by Anne

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i look forward to reading your blog    

by gini