I decided that joining in with the MQ4 project might be a good way to get back into quilting. I did find, while looking for the power cord for my sewing machine, a pretty peice of calico print.

There is no telling how long i have had this peice of material, anyway i went looking for some matching peices. I am in shock, now remember it has been neigh on to 10 years since I have gone fabric shopping.

There is so much new stuff out there, bright pretty colors, I was like a six year old opening up a 64 count box of crayons. Thinking oh boy! what to do with all this!!!

But.............. my heart is a little heavy, 'cause I was missing what I will call all those comfort peices. Pretty calico prints that were in Grandma's quilts, and little girl dresses. I kinda feel like a little piece of the rainbow is missing.

Yeah, they weren't all that bright, the colors were kind amuted, but they blended together and said "warmth, comfort, home" I hope they are still out there somewhere, and if i look hard enough I'll find them.