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I decided that joining in with the MQ4 project might be a good way to get back into quilting. I did find, while looking for the power cord for my sewing machine, a pretty peice of calico print.

There is no telling how long i have had this peice of material, anyway i went looking for some matching peices. I am in shock, now remember it has been neigh on to 10 years since I have gone fabric shopping.

There is so much new stuff out there, bright pretty colors, I was like a six year old opening up a 64 count box of crayons. Thinking oh boy! what to do with all this!!!

But.............. my heart is a little heavy, 'cause I was missing what I will call all those comfort peices. Pretty calico prints that were in Grandma's quilts, and little girl dresses. I kinda feel like a little piece of the rainbow is missing.

Yeah, they weren't all that bright, the colors were kind amuted, but they blended together and said "warmth, comfort, home" I hope they are still out there somewhere, and if i look hard enough I'll find them.


There are many advantages to having a moving company come in and move you, they do all the packing!

There are disadvamtages to having a moving company move you, they do all the packing!

They decide what goes with what, as they move through your house, and they decided the power cord for my sewing machine should not be packed with the machine.

So after much searching, it was in the box with the extra linen, I am now sewing.

New house, becoming new home!!!!

Now if someone could convence the sun to come out!

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Hi! My fellow quilters, I am retired from the Air Force and am returning to the art of quilting. World events sort of forced me to take a break from quilting. I enjoy working with color, and am more of a traditional quilter, but I will branch out on occasion. Life’s events have moved me to Illinois, and I am having a little difficulty adapting to an idle lifestyle. So I am considering purchasing a long-arm quilting machine. I owned one several years ago and wasn’t that fond of it. I tried one out Tuesday, it was a lot of fun, I really liked this one. So now I am trying to figure out how to get one and be able to pay for it. I am thinking I could do some quilting for other people. What do y’all think?