Well, I am on a bit earlier today... It is not that I have nothing to do. So many things that absolutely had to be completed today lie unfinished around me, and 8:00 am with the grandchildren will come so quickly. A great deal of paperwork is complete--finally. :~) The huge pile grows smaller, and my smiles increase until I remember that I have not filed the completed work. That will wait for another day--or another week or two.

I must do more work at the sewing machine before Christma;, so, yes, the filing can wait. I wouldn't want to disappoint those who expect something special from my stash.

My stash...oh, my stash...how will I ever get it all into the shelves and cabinets?  Noone knows about the back of the van, the trunk of the car; and those new containers I got "for rearranging holiday items"  after Christmas--Oh, yes, I did; I dropped a few packages of fabric and notions down into them--just for a day  or two or maybe longer. Hmmmm...will I be able to sew up enough to leave room for some of this new fabric inside the house, not in the garage? How I love the feel of it, and ooooohhhh those lovely colors! Of course, I know exactly what to do with all of it: I'll sew it into beautiful things. When? Well, when I get around to it, of course. Isn't that what I'm supposed to do with it?

Unfortunately, the papers surrounding are shouting louder than the piles and piles of gorgeous fabric tonight. I must leave this play and go back to work; but before I go, I want to thank those of you who have made such kind responses to my blog and to my other entries. You are just too, too sweet to write so many nice things to me. Thank you.

I am just now becoming truly active on this site. Any reader will find that I will have many periods of inactivity even in the future. Why? I am a very busy person with not much personal  time. Every moment of that time is precious, time to be cherished and put to good use. However, many of my I-cannot-sleep moments are spent doing research or various other online activities. On occasions, these middle- of-the-night sessions are the result of perseveration: the result of my beginning something just prior to bedtime and wanting to finish, hence, becoming locked into that project.

My frequent late night, middle of the night sessions may find me catching up on bill paying or reading and responding to email or FaceBook. Sometimes, I read novels or non-fiction in an effort to find sleep. If I am sufficiently energetic, I may even work on my hand piecing or quilting or other bits of handwork. Seldom do I attempt machine work at these times. "Why not?" you may ask. Well, my elderly mother lives with me, and my sewing room is beyond her bedroom. If she is sleeping well, I don't wish to disturb her. Ergo, it is unfortunate, indeed, that the ground floor is so laid out that one must pass by her room to enter the "official" sewing room. Sometimes, these things cannot be helped. I fear noise from my sewing machine might awaken her. 

Mama came to live here with my husband and me several years ago, not by her choice, but because of her age and condition. At that point, I became a caregiver. Mama has Alzheimer's Dementia, and caring for her requires much of my time, whether it be personal care or care of her affairs. Although I do have some assistance from paid aides several hours weekly, much of the time, she is with me, no matter where I am or what I am doing. Yes, she does shadow me most of the time. Often, the shadowing interferes with the quality of whatever I am doing. Sadly, this interference affects my sewing and my quilting. One can possibly imagine how it could affect my making entries in a blog.

Daytime accomplishments during weekdays are also reduced by the regular appearance of two of my grandchildren at 8:00 am. While I am absolutely delighted to have these special times with them, in no way can I do concentrated sewing when they are present. So, I resign myself to less sewing and more child and Mama time. The children are 3 and 1 and love to come to grandma's house and play with her and great-grandma. Great-grandma is especially fun because any 3 year old can cause Mama to become actively involved in every imaginable make-believe activity. Mama was always an outstanding caregiver to small children,and she remains so today. She willingly and happily joins in their play as much as her 93 year old body will allow, and the children love her greatly for it. However, such play does require supervision; and, if I am not participating in the activity of the moment, I am certainly present to supervise.  At other times, when Mama is tired, I play with the children, read to them, put them down for naps, or do simple crafts with them. If only the three year old is awake and active, I make undertake the challenge of cooking with her or teaching her to use the computer or to stitch yarn on canvas. She loves to be Grandma's helper in the kitchen--and early in the day, she may even get to help cook breakfast while her brother is still up. What fun to help make pancake batter!

Thus go many weekdays until around 5:00 pm when my daughter-in-law fetches the children. After that, Mama and I both need some down time usually. Particularly active days especially require a bit of rest before new activities are undertaken.Evening meal preparation and consumption occupy some of our evening time. So that leaves only a few short hours for working on projects--with Mama shadowing, of course. By the weekend, Mama and I enjoy the change of pace. The house is much quieter, and she may watch as I sew or clean or do do laundry--whatever is left from the week must be finished over the weekend  or perhaps remain undone for a while.

Nevertheless, somehow, I manage to make clothing for seven grandchildren--not everything they wear, of course, and quilt and do a miriad of so many other things I enjoy: gardening in spring, summer, and fall, for instance. Further, I must give my poor, neglected spouse a bit of time as well. I am so very lucky to have a husband who is willing to pitch in to help with Mama on occasion, especially on the weekend. I even get to attend a class at my favorite quilt shop on occasion.

I hope you are now somewhat acquainted with the busy person who will now be blogging as Susie from Indy and that you look forward to blogs that deal more with quilting "struggles" and happily completed qulting projects.

Signing off at 4:00 am,

Susie of Indy