Sew Many Projects, So Little Time

This is showcase of my projects in various stages.
Laptop Sleeve

I got a new laptop for school and thought all the sleeves out there are either too expensive or too boring. I found instructions for how to measure the computer and make this one. I made this out of fabric found during my last stash shopping. Not sure sure when I bought them or for what purpose. It took about 3.5 hours from start to finish.



Attacked by cats!

I think I had a small small stroke when I returned home from a lovely time outside to discover that my darling kitty cats have had the worst case of inappropriate scratching ever. They attacked my Nana & Gramp quilt. Heaven help me. There are tiny rips in it. After screaming for what seemed like an hour (actually about 5 minutes) I managed to calm down and think. I may be able to remedy the situation by adding some heavy quilting over the torn areas. It is already quilted so replacing the pieces is not an option at this point. I talked to the LQS owner and she thinks it will be ok too (I'm entering the quilt in her show next month). I can't look at it anymore so I'm going to lie down for a while.

Now I know why these little devils are so cute, to keep them from getting killed in situations like this. Their punishment is being called "bad kitty", which they hate, and being banished from the sewing room for the rest of the day.

The girl is lying on my lap right now purring her apology, the other has disappeared under my bed (this is normal for him).

I am going to lie down 

Hand Pieced

This quilt top was hand pieced a few years ago while I was in Germany. It was made after my first hand piecing class. Most of it was done at work when things got slow. The plan was to hand quilt it. I thought I'd lost the piece during my move back to the US. Also missing was a quilt I made for one of my sisters.

Imagine the joy I felt when unpacking from yet another move to discover both items in a box with my husband's sleeping bag and my poncho lining. I am still going to hand quilt it. Have to figure out what to call it. I thinking something like "Wandering Star" in light of the trip it is taken.

Turtle Parade

My friend Michael is really special to me. When it was his turn to leave the Army I wanted to make him a quilt. He loves turtles so I wanted to incorporate them into this project. It took about a year and a half for e to finally find something I liked. It is a pattern called "Turtle Stampede" found in the special winter 2007 edition of "Quiltmaker's" magazine. Using EQ6 I modified the pattern to make it my own. I added a 4 patch center block, alternating 1/2 square triangles, as well as sashing with corner stones. I used red, black and white to match the decor in his room.

The quilt is 108 x 108! I started out hand quilting but I had an accident (fell down the stairs) that put my arm out of commission and it was really painful. I had to take it off the handquilting frame. Take out the stitches I had done previously then put the sandwich together and quilted it on my home sewing machine (this was before I got my machine quilting frame). It was very difficult and I had sore shoulders for a long time. 

I finished quilting it in February (meandering with mono filament thread). I haven't done the binding yet. I have 6 projects waiting for that step.


Here's some of the hand work:


I didn't quilt over the turtles because I like the hand quilting so I plan on going back an finishing the rest as soon as my wrist can take it. 

And here's the back:


Well that's it 'til next time.



Losing Steam

I haven't been spending much time at my desktop computer where I keep most of my photos and I can't seem to drum up the desire to sit and post photos. I was so excited at the thought of sharing my projects with everyone but I just haven't done it.

I'm busy getting quilts finished so computer time has taken a back seat.

I'm at work right now using my laptop. I have lots of time today due to equipment malfunction but no photos here. Arrrgh!

More Photos

As promised here are better photos of "Karen's Cabin".



Karen's Cabin

I made this quilt for my cousin Karen. I finished the quilting last night. All that's left is the binding which I seem to have misplaced. I'll have to get more fabric if I don't find it soon. Karen has been waiting for a quilt from me for over 2 years. I was always busy doing something else and figured it's time to get it out of the way. 

After considering many patterns I went back to my old favourite, the Log Cabin. I visited an out of town quilt shop and they had a log cabin quilt hanging there that I found to be quite lovely. The pattern was free from a website and they call it "Zazu". The shop owner gave me the website. It was so long ago that I can't remember what it was called. I used EQ6 on my home computer in order to get the necessary measurements for yardage and rotary cutting.

I named the quilt "Karen's Cabin". The fabrics are from Timeless Treasures "Amelia" line. The back of the quilt is a rail fence design (I like pieced quilt backs).

This isn't the best photo. When I get to my desktop computer I'll post a better one and one of the back as well.


Top Completed!

I finished Nana & Gramp's quilt top last night (June 28). My husband really likes it. He helped me pin it to the wall so I could get a good photo.  Problem with doing that was a bit of warping from the weight of the top against the pins. It fills the wall from ceiling to floor. I took a photo of it on my sewing room floor and it looks more square there. I'm still trying to figure out what to do on the back. I like to piece my backs but this one may get a plain back, who knows...

This is it on the floor

and on the wall:


Hands Around Nana & Gramp continued

I've gotten the blocks and photos together. I'm currently making the flying geese units for the border. I'm really excited about this project. This is the first time I've printed photos on fabric and I was really nervous about it. I nixed the idea of using those prepared fabric sheets because they are too expensive for something like this. Instead, I bought Kona cotton in white, cut it into 7x7 inch squares and treated them with Bubble Jet Set 2000. I then ironed freezer paper to one side and printed the hand photos. The center photo was printed on 4 8 x 11.5 inch sheets then sewn together (it measures 16 x 20 inches). After the ink dried I washed the fabric before sewing them together. I didn't do them all at once so it wasn't as overwhelming as I thought it would be.

Here is the center photo with some blocks (Date April 29 2009):

and here is the top without borders: (June 18 2009)

I tried to get all the photo backgrounds to match but it was difficult since they were done at different times on different scanners. The one on the bottom left is the baby's hand. Each person's name is embroidered in the bottom left corner of his/her hand. I wanted to be done before now but I had to wait for all the hands to come in. 

Hands Around Nana & Gramp

The idea from this project came to me one night while at work. I was looking at photos taken at my in-laws' home at Christmas time. Everyone was so happy and it was great to see how much they love each other. As always I felt lucky to be part of it. I wanted to do a quilt for my husband's grandparents and I stumbled upon it by accident. There is a photo of a pair of hands in the album (mine and my husband's  taken at our wedding). I knew what to do.

When I got home I told my husband of my plan and sketched it out. Then I got to work in EQ6. This is the design I came up with:


The blank square are for photos of hands from each family member. The center photo is of my husband's grandparents (Nana & Gramp) taken on their wedding anniversary. My mother-in-law (these are her parents) loves this photo. The idea was to print all these photos onto fabric. The hands where scanned into the computer on a home scanner except for the baby whose hand was photographed while he slept.

The fabrics are from "Connecting Threads" line called "Riviera". They are absolutely beautiful

The date of this design is April 29 2009. The title of this entry is the current title for the quilt. I may change it when I finish. 

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