Sew Many Projects, So Little Time

This is showcase of my projects in various stages.
Baltimore's Country Cousins

This is my first full appliqué quilt. I've done a block or two in other projects but nothing like this. I'm using a gingham background with batiks. These are the first nine blocks and I'm currently working on the tenth block. The patterns come from the book "Baltimore's County Cousins" by Susan McKelvey.

Madeline's Bows

I started this quilt months ago but, against my better judgment, I decided to quilt it on my regular sewing machine instead of putting on my frame. It was an arduous process that I won't be repeating any time soon. It is for Madeline's 5th birthday on Wednesday. I finished it yesterday but my camera's charger is MIA so I had to settle for cell phone photos today. It will be delivered tomorrow. The fabric line is "Happy" from Me & My Sister Designs. Perfect for a little girl.


The back is flannel. I bought the fabric over a year ago to back another project. I'm glad I did not use it then as I think it works great with this quilt. The yellow patch is the quilt's label:

I made a pillow case with extra fabric that can also be used to store the quilt:


Hooah! For Carlo.

I was looking trough "Show and Tell" here on QCA and discovered the first project I submitted for show and tell. When this gallery was first started members sent their photos and stories to QCA admin who, in turn, posted to the gallery. It could take up to two weeks for a project to show up with all the entries that were being submitted.

I have yet to set up my own gallery so I'm posting a link to my project instead.

Hooah! for Carlo


My Baby Jane - Progress

I've been working on a Dear Jane quilt for over a year now. While I've been following the assignments in the group here on QCA I have also started putting my first Baby Jane together (I'm working on three). This one follows Jane Stickle's original colour way. I will be hand quilting this in quarters to make it more manageable for me. I have two more rows to add to this before the quilting begins.

Some of my blocks are hand pieced and some machine pieced. It depends on how my hands are feeling when I make the block.

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Quilting is hard work

I've been MIA from the blogs for quite some time. I'm still working on many projects and will try to update more often. Meanwhile Oco has learned that quilting is not for lightweights or, perhaps, he's dreaming up a new project.

Jason's First Quilt Design

My DH decided to play with EQ6 today for the first time and came up with his own quilt design. I told him that he has to make it himself. I don't know if that will happen but I think he did a good job. The fabric colours are not exactly right but you get the idea.

He calls it Jaze Haze. Neither of us know why.

Quilting Links & Interesting Sites


Hello everyone,

this is list of favourite quilting related sites. If you would like to add to the list please click here to post your suggestions.

All About Appliqué: Kay McKenzie

Ami Simms

Day Style Designs: 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting etc.

Bethany Reynolds: Stack-n- Whack

Dawn’s Quilting Clip Art

All Things Frugal

Crazy Mom Quilts: Blog

About Quilting

Bunny Hill Designs

All People Quilt

Block Central

Connecting Threads

Debbie Kratovil

Diary of a Quilter: Blog

Electric Quilt

Em’s Scrap Bag: Blog

Everything Quilts


Fat Cat Patterns: Free Patterns

Flynn Quilt

Inklingo: Linda Franz

International Quilt Study Center & Museum

Jinny Beyer

Lyn Brown: Blog

Missouri Quilt Company: Tutorials

Pam Bono

Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘n Thread: Embroidery

Patchy Work Of Mini Gray: Blog

Piece n Quilt

Quilt Block Dash

Quilt University: Online Classes

Quilter’s Buzz: Blog

Quilting Board: Forum/Message Board

Quilts For Kids: Charity Search Engine

Quiltville: Scrap Happy Quilts/Bonnie Hunter

Real Women Quilt

Sew for Less

The Quilt Shoppe

The Quilt Show: Alex Anderson & Ricky Timms

The Raspberry Rabbits

The Virginia Quilter

Willowberry Designs: Blog

BOM Quilts: Free BOMs

The Alliance for American Quilts

Big Fork Bay Cotton Company

Cambridge Quilt Shop

Early Women Masters: Free Antique Designs etc.

Erica’s Craft & Sewing Center

Mary Appliqués

Nancy Prince: Thread Painting

Nancy Rink Designs

Quilt ‘n’ Things

Quilts by Rosemary

A Scarlet Thread



Anilee Treasure Hunt

Quiltposium: ezine


Marshall Dry Goods

AAA Quilter's Supply

Quilter's Warehouse

Regina Grewe

Sarah's First Quilt

Sarah, is one of my co-workers who recently caught the quilting bug. She says I inspired her with all the things I bring in to show her. I also share the photos from QCA with her. She is 21.

This is her first quilt, a present for her boyfriend. She was very excited about it throughout the entire process. I couldn't wait to see it. I think she did a wonderful job and her BF will love it.

She is already planning the next quilt which we will be making together.

Reindeer Holiday

Another holiday wall hanging. This one was a breeze to make. It took me less than half a day from start to finish. The center is a panel from Moda's "Crazy 8" line by Sandy Gervais. When I saw it in the LQS I knew I wanted to do something with it. I think the dark borders really complement the panel. Once again I used a decorative stitch on the binding.

Valerie's Baby Blankets.

Valerie is a co-worker of mine who has been busy making baby blankets for the holidays. I'm always interested when I find another person who likes to work with her/his hands. The blankets are adorable. She makes holes all around the perimeter then crochets a border onto the blankets. She's thinking of making a quilt with fleece blocks connected with crocheted sashing. I think that will look great. Here are two of her blankets, one for a girl and one for a boy.

In a Dash - My first Charity Quilt

The LQS issued a challenge. Pick up a $3. package containing fabrics to make 1 block. Make a quilt using that block and any fabrics from your own stash. All quilts and money collected will be donated to a local retirement home. I picked a blue package since it's my favourite colour. 

My block turned out to be a churn dash block. I picked the fabrics before I knew what I was going to make. After much agonising I decided to make a quilt from a churn dash block using the original block as the centre.

I named the quilt "In a Dash" because it's a churn dash within a churn dash.

I used a quick turn method to sandwich the quilt. I quilted it in the ditch from the front and the back then added diagonal lines in the 4 corners. My label was attached and the quilt laundered.

I will deliver it today when the LQS opens.






Opinions Needed

I've been working on a pattern I call "Starry, Starry Night". I've changed it more times than I can remember. DH is sick of giving his opinion since I keep changing it anyway. I'm just not sure it's done. Tell me what you think. Don't be shy and don't worry about hurting my feelings.

 This is the EQ6 design using fabrics from Connecting Threads' "Twilight Frost" line:

Holiday Star

My first holiday quilt. I will hang it in my living room. Maybe.

Quilt Room Exorcism

When Jodie Davis started the thread about being a slob, she asked us to post photos of our quilting spaces at that moment. I took this photo and was shocked by my own mess.

I decided that something must be done. My room was by far the messiest of all the ones posted. I tried moving things around but ended up putting them all back and added a new piece along the way. The clean up was quite tedious.

I finally finished up last night. It looks much better. I think I cleaned up my creativity along the way because I ended up not sewing for almost 2 weeks. I tried to blame this on Jodie who made me face this mess head on.

I'm not sure how long it will stay clean but I will try. The goal is to clean up before I leave the room and work on one project at a time during each sewing session.


Stripes and Stars frayed edge quilt

I made this quilt from a Sewing with Nancy episode on QNNtv. I wanted  pattern to use up some flannels I bought years ago. This one was perfect. I wrote down the measurements as I watched then replayed the episode and paused as I made each part.

The episode is series 1600, Star Spangled Patchwork Part 1.

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