Sew Many Projects, So Little Time

This is showcase of my projects in various stages.
The Loyal Union Sampler

We're working on this project as a group. I was tired of the Civil War scene so decided to make my blocks in halloween fabrics. I don't celebrate halloween but the fabrics are so vibrant, fun and cute. They're keeping me motivated. I bought one yard cuts of some fabrics to get started then I acquired fat quarters and remnants along the way. Some of the fabrics are from years gone by some are new this year.

The blocks are assigned six at a time every two weeks. I'm actually caught up. 54 blocks and counting.  I've started a few projects of this nature and never managed to keep up or finish any of them. 

Row A:










My Whimsical Garden

Another garden themed project. I've had the patterns for years but only started working on it last September. I actually bought it twice LOL. I have four blocks completed and am working on the fifth. It's slow going since I only work on it between patients at work. I'm really loving this one.

Block one:


Block Two:


Block Three:


Block Four:

Garden Party

We are well into 2014. Will this be the year I blog consistently? I have tons of projects going and I'm going to try to post my progress as I go - sort of as a motivator and to hold myself accountable.

Lets kick it off with a fun one; The appliqué group is working on "Garden Party" from Buggy Barn's book "Crazy for Appliqué". I bought a kit for this when I visited the Barn in 2012. The pieces in this one are huge. The book comes with full sized patterns. Working on such a large scale is awkward at time but it's not difficult now that I've found a place to work. Block one is on my design wall. Glue basted, waiting to be stitched down.

Ugly Fabric Block Challenge Oregon 2013

Please vote for your favourite block by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page (indicate the number of the block.) It may take a while for your post to show up. Voters' names will be entered in a drawing for a quilting calendar.  VOTING IS CLOSED.


Here is the fabric we all started with:


Here are the blocks.

1: Kris


2: Marge P


3: Donna B


4: Jacy


5: Diana


6: Darlene (2 Many Horses)


7: Judy T


8: Karla


9: MNNancy


10: Robin


11: MNDeb


12: Jan


13: Patti


14: Debbie


15: Patty Mc


16: Nana


17: Gini

UFOs No More

I'm participating in the UFO challenge and so far I've completed two. My latest, for February, is called "Moving on Up", I got the patten from "Crazy Mom Quilts" blog:


I used left over blocks on the back:


My January UFO is a quilt made with fabrics from a fall fabric swap:

Winter Wonderland

This quilt was designed by Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill Studios and has been a longtime favourite of mine. I signed up to do it as a BOM almost 10 years ago but never made it. Red just wasn't my colour so I bought fabrics to make it in blue. While working on my blue one a friend admired it so, this year, I decided to make her one; the red one.

I started in September of this year piecing the blocks at home on the weekend and doing the embroidery at work during down time. It really helped having a week at retreat in Leavenworth to work on it exclusively. I put it all together last friday and was completely done by 5 this morning due to complications with my machine during the quilting process plus one minor injury (needle through finger).

I am pleased with it. I delivered it just before she left work a short while ago. I'm happy to say she loves it.




"Jaze Haze" Revisited

My DH finally finished his quilt and gave it to has sister last Saturday. I'm really proud of him. He complained a lot along the way and I thought it would be a UFO for good. He's happy with it and is now talking about making a quilt for his best friend.


The design is his (done on EQ6) and he did all the cutting (templates) and piecing. I helped with the quilting and started the binding for him.

The back is solid black cuddle fabric and it has Warm and Natural 100% cotton batting. 

The dark blue looks darker at the top due to shadows on the quilt.

Teddy Bear Party

My latest quilt was made for a little girl named Isabella. She is DH's great niece. He picked the black cat print and the neon green. I added the pink and chose the design. It is a pattern found in the book "Tuck Me In" from the editors of "Quiltmaker" magazine. I made it larger than the original. 

I used a cuddle fabric for the back.



I realise I forgot my label. That will be added before I give it to her on Saturday.

Home Sweet Home Update

I finally finished this project and delivered it to Sarah who is very pleased with it.

After my first entry about this project I sandwiched it and proceeded with the quilting. I was so pleased with my FMQ that I neglected to check the back until was almost done. This is what it looked like:



I was really heart sick looking at this. If I were making this for myself it would have ended up as a true UFO or in the trash. It took over three hours to get all those stitches.

There was no way I was going to repeat this disaster so I decided to just outline the letters and do a border design. Here's the finished project:


Here's the happy recipient:


Cats Eye View?

My cat, Orca, not being able to access my lap, decided to take matters into her own hands er paws.


Now back to work. LOL

Home Sweet Home

When my friend bought her new home I decided to make her a wall hanging as a house warming present. That was a year ago. I just couldn't seem to find the right pattern. I perused magazines and trolled many blogs; I even designed my own patterns but nothing seemed right. 

Yesterday I settled on a pattern from Pacific Patchwork but ended up modifying that one a bit. The top is complete but I'm having second thoughts. It's on my design wall waiting...

She likes "earth tones" and her home is a log home. So what do you think? 

Baby Jane Update

I have now completed rows A through F of my "Baby Jane" quilt top. I also have the top row of triangles done. With each added block I'm more excited by this project and anxious to get it done. The triangles are my favourite to work on. They are all hand pieced on this iteration (I have three started). I mostly hand piece but a few of the easier blocks were done by machine to save time.

If you're interested in seeing the blocks up close and those not pictured here you can visit my "Dear Jane" folder to see them. 


This second photo includes the triangles I've completed:

Thanks for reading.

All together now

My "Country Cousins" top is now together. I had fun with this one. I worked on the design in EQ7 but changed some things once I started putting the blocks together. The borders required some thought since the blocks extend into it. I happy with the finished product. I hope to get it sandwiched for quilting this afternoon.

What I'm Working on

Of course it's not the only project I'm working on but Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay mystery quilt has taken quite a bit of my time lately. It's no longer a mystery as I was unable to keep up. There are about a zillion triangles in this thing HSTs and QSTs. There are also string triangles and 3.5 inch string squares. It's an insanity quilt but the finished product is beautiful. 

WE started mid November and the reveal was posted on New Year's Day. Thos of you who've been on QCA as long as I have know how much I struggled with scrappy quilts. My brain refused to think in scraps. I made a break through with Nana's help in the scrap happy group and I think after this I should be over any of those issues.

This is but a small section of the quilt. I put it together to help motivate me as I felt like I was going nowhere with it. I still have not completed all the steps but I'm plugging away mostly while I watch football. What wil I do when the season's over?

Anyway, without further ado, photos:

Here are my QST sewn together into hourglass blocks. They are 2.5 inches unfinished 224 if those suckers:


I made string blocks and HSTs during our virtual panama party. There are 72 yellow string blocks (3.5 inch unfinished) and 350 HSTs (2.5 inches unfinished):


The HSTs get additional triangles sewn to each side to make wings for the blue sting triangles to make flying geese units. In total I cut 1400 HSTs! Ohio star blocks were the easiest of all the steps there are 56 of which I've completed 10.

Here's how they're all coming together:

I think I should be finished the top sometime this year. LOL


Two More Blocks

Blocks 10 and 11 of Baltimore's Country Cousins:


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