Sew Many Projects, So Little Time

This is showcase of my projects in various stages.
Bag Quilt

My first completion of 2015 is a UFO from July 2010. I finally quilted it last week and added the binding yesterday. This quilt was Nana's "Bag" quilt project from the scrap happy group. It is one of my first scrappy projects. A controlled scrappy; I purchased yardage for it. We were required to put our strips in a bag, pull from it and sew whatever came out - no switching. It was very stressful for my poor brain. (I'd always enjoyed the look of scrappy quilts but couldn't make them myself.)

The back is a green just a shade darker than what I used on the front. I made up the sides with a purple batik (all from stash). It is bound with what I trimmed off from the backing after quilting. My batting was pieced together from leftover pieces I had in my closet.

I'm hoping this quilt is just the beginning for this year but I'm not feeling overly motivated right now.

Mystery Quilt 7

I've finally gotten MQ7 quilted. I tried some fans on this one. Not bad for a first try. I'll definitely use this pattern again. It's all free hand. I tried some fancy swirls in the borders and that could use some work as well. At any rate, it's done.

Here's a photo of the top (before quilting):



A  little close up (not too close):


Nothing special on the back of this one.

Nightmare on Elm Creek

My "Loyal Union Sampler" is complete. I don't know why but I often feel a profound sense of loss when I complete a project. Sure I'm happy to have seen it through but I spent a lot of time with it and now it's over. At any rate here it is laid out on the lawn on this beautiful Sunday:


Here's the back; pieced as I am wont to do with my quilt backs. I must confess that I love it as much as I do the front:


I quilted and allover design in the body of the quilt and highlighted the cobwebs in the border with my orange thread. I made bias binding to make the striped fabric more interesting. I'm not sure I've ever made bias binding before; I sewed it all by machine (I really hate bindings LOL). I'm including a photo of the centre block so you can see some of my jack-o-lanterns and part of the outer border and binding.


LUS Progress update

I was quite productive with this product during the past week. I've been taking prepared blocks for sewing at work whenever I have downtime. I'm loving this last batch of blocks. I think the author placed the best blocks at the bottom of the quilt. 


K-1 Vermont:


I-9 Spotsylvania Courthouse:


K-8 Wisconsin:


I-7 Signs of Spring:


H-6 Oregon:


K-5 West Virginia:


H-4 North Star:


J-8 Union:


Only five more to go then I can work on getting it together and finishing the blocks for the back.

EQ SAL continued

I finished the last two blocks of the sew along a few weeks ago but have been lazy about posting here:



These will be on the back of my LUS quilt. More to come on that. 


EQ Jump Start SAL

I'm hardly a beginner with EQ but I decided to follow their sew along. I didn't keep up with their assignments but I now have two blocks completed. These are 24 inch blocks that will be on the back of my LUS quilt. The plan is to make nine blocks for the back. Since the SAL only has four blocks I'll add more that I like. 

Block one "Grecian Cross":


Block two "Eccentric Star" (I really like this one):

It's a Plaid, Plaid World

I just love plaid. Some of my favourite fabrics are plaid. Some time ago I purchased FQ bundles of the stuff as well as yardage. Today I decided to put them to use and made three churn dash blocks. These will be joined by several others and placed on point to make a pattern from the book "Mad About Plaid" by Debbie Bacon. I've had the book for years but never made a thing from it. My blocks are bigger than the pattern and I'll probably change the setting when all is said and done. So here's my start:



More to come.

Loyal Union Sampler Progress Update

With my sewing room in a mess as I reorganise I've slowed down quite a bit with my sewing. The only thing I'm still working on with any consistency is "The Loyal Union Sampler" sew along. I put all my scanned blocks in EQ so you can see how much I have done. These are the actual blocks and actual sashing and border fabrics. Click on the photo for close up views.

I'm really determined to complete this one. I'm loving it so far.


My First Quilt

While this isn't my first attempt at quilting (it's my second) it is the one I still have. It was made in a beginners class in Stuttgart, Germany. I was stationed on Patch Barracks. At the time there was a quilt shop on post called "The Gussy Goose". The ladies were wonderful and taught me a lot. This sampler was fun to make and it is partially hand quilted. As you can see, my love affair with blues was evident even then.

I am contemplating removing the stitches and redoing. Not sure yet how I'll proceed.


One if my all time favourite blocks the Ohio Star:


The sashing from the back:

Country Nights

"Country Nights" aka MQ5 "Worms and Jelly Rolls" is now complete. I quilted it immediately upon completion of the top but just put the binding on last night (only took three and a half years LOL). I named it "Country Nights" because the background (a light mint green) seem to glow against the dark fabrics. This was the inspiration of the border.

The moons and stars are raw edge appliquéd. No fusible just glued in place then stitched down.

I took a few photos. Outside, on the couch and a closeup of my binding.




Patchwork of the Crosses

I've been roped into starting a new project (it doesn't take much). Lucy Boston's Patchwork of the Crosses is very popular. Many quilters, English Paper Piecing enthusiasts mainly" have made or are making this quilt. I am not a fan of this method and I would rather draw sewing lines on my fabric so I'm grateful for Inklingo which saves me the time by allowing me to print those lines. 

On Saturday I purchased a lovely focus fabric intending to use it for this project but when I got up on Sunday I had other plans. I spent the day over thinking the whole process and almost gave up on starting. In the end I just reached into a scrap back and out came a lovely striped fabric. I only needed a 5 x 7 piece for the four center hexagons. I then dug around for fabric to go with it. Why didn't I think of doing this earlier? I really enjoyed that process. 

I haven't sewn it yet. There are two options I'm considering. I'll sleep on it. I'm thinking I'll go with the one that has the dark brown or I may use all the stripes and add some dark brown to replace the light ones. Here I go thinking again.


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Garden Party Block Two

I've added the second block to this progress. It's huge already. There are some missing elements that overlap other blocks.

More Kaleidoscopes

I finished these three at wok lat night. They go together really easily and I'm loving them. Not perfect but very cute. 

Kaleidoscope Cats

I'm trying my hand at kaleidoscope blocks aka one block wonder aka stack 'n' whack. I'm using Inklingo and hand piecing. Inklingo makes it easy to print indentical sheets with little to no waste. I found this method better than having to line up fabric repeats and stacking to cut.

I'm using this cat fabric as practice before investing in more yardage:


The first three blocks are done. I'm liking this technique very much. I'm not sure what these little blocks will become but I'll make some more. I had a yard of that fabric.


Here the B-row of my Loyal Union Sampler:






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