Sew Many Projects, So Little Time

This is showcase of my projects in various stages.

October 2009 - Posts

Holiday Star

My first holiday quilt. I will hang it in my living room. Maybe.

Quilt Room Exorcism

When Jodie Davis started the thread about being a slob, she asked us to post photos of our quilting spaces at that moment. I took this photo and was shocked by my own mess.

I decided that something must be done. My room was by far the messiest of all the ones posted. I tried moving things around but ended up putting them all back and added a new piece along the way. The clean up was quite tedious.

I finally finished up last night. It looks much better. I think I cleaned up my creativity along the way because I ended up not sewing for almost 2 weeks. I tried to blame this on Jodie who made me face this mess head on.

I'm not sure how long it will stay clean but I will try. The goal is to clean up before I leave the room and work on one project at a time during each sewing session.


Stripes and Stars frayed edge quilt

I made this quilt from a Sewing with Nancy episode on QNNtv. I wanted  pattern to use up some flannels I bought years ago. This one was perfect. I wrote down the measurements as I watched then replayed the episode and paused as I made each part.

The episode is series 1600, Star Spangled Patchwork Part 1.