Sew Many Projects, So Little Time

This is showcase of my projects in various stages.

August 2009 - Posts

Even more quilt show photos.

Finally, here are the rest of the quilt show photos:




And that's a wrap. Thanks for viewing.


Quilt Show Photos

Here are more photos from the weekend show:

The following were a BOM offered at the LQS. "Women's Voices":



These were a class, Moda U:



These are charity quilts:










Quilt Anxiety

I dropped off my quilts today for the show this weekend. Although they are properly labelled I am worried and paranoia is setting in. What if I never see them again? I'm trying to be rational but I'm not doing a good job. My husband said I'd give myself a stroke if I keep this up. 

I keep picturing someone breaking into the shop and making off with all the quilts. Heaven help me I need some chocolate.


Today's project is the second of 3 wall hangings I got from Connecting Threads. This one is also from the Country Essentials line:

Patchwork Party Blocks

Here are some of the blocks from Marti Michell's Patchwork Party Spring Edition. There are 12 blocks total. I bought my finishing kit from "Great American Quilt Factory". I already have them all cut out but I sew them in between other projects.


Country Spring

I made this wall hanging today. It was a kit from Connecting Threads using their "Country Essentials Spring" collection. It may end up as someone's Christmas present. Here are the front and back: