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2011 NW Retreat - A very special gift!

Here I am with my beautiful Leaf Quilt, made by the wonderful ladies from the NW Quilt Retreat. Although I have not actually met any of you I'm honored to call you friends. This quilt was pieced and quilted by Gini with blocks made by the ladies attending the retreat.

Quilters are indeed the most giving and loving people on earth.

I ordered my Fun Quilter

I finally did it and I ordered a 17" Fun Quilter, in green, with the equalizer stitch regulator.  I will be using in on my ProFlex frame.  I only ordered one LOL, I could not find a picture of just the green one.

I'm really excited.  I have been busy trying to get some quilts ready so that when I get my new system set up and figured out I will having something to quilt.

Maggie's Bug Quilt

I've started my journey making quilts for my grandchildren for their big beds.  My oldest, and only girl, will be 7 in Sept and I'm starting with her quilt which I am calling Maggie's Bug Quilt.  As usual, I bought the fabric and then tried to figure out what I was going to do with it.  I designed the quilt in EQ6 and for a first effort I'm quite pleased with the results.


The main fabric has lady bugs, butterflies, and fireflies.  It is very cute and the quilt picture does not do justice to the actual fabric.


I have the final border to attach and then I will piece the backing as soon as I figure out exactly what I'm going to do.


BTW:  The picture of the quilt is the EQ picture, I do not have all the borders on the quilt yet.

This quilt has been on the frame to be quilted since June 2011, I was not able to quilt while taking treatments, hope to get to it soon.

I finally got Maggie's quilt quilted and off the frame, here is a picture just before it was finished.


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The QFH is Finally finished!

I finally finished the QFH. I spent the day sewing the binding on and it is in the wash. It feels so good to have this one done and I am quite pleased with the way it turned out.  I'm sure glad I stuck with it, I thought seriously about giving up on it early on but I hung in there.

I will post a picture tomorrow when I get one taken..... On to new projects. I need to decided what I want to make next. I'm not ready as it did not take me nearly as long to finish the quilting on this one, I guess I'm figuring it out LOL

Here is the pieced back.

I used the left over jelly-roll strips for the binding. I actually used up most of the fabric on this one and did not buy any extra for the back and binding.

QFH is on the frame!

Yesterday , I loaded the QFH on the frame.  I started quilting it this afternoon and it is going much smoother than the first one.  I am learning to relax and quilt more open.  I am pleased, so far, with the way it looks. 

I'm kind of excited about this one as it is turning out way nicer than I had imagined. It is still going in the car, to be used for a picnic quilt or table cover, but I don't think I will be ashamed to put it out for others to see.  

I guess I had better get busy piecing another one to go on the frame.  It took me 3 weeks to quilt the last one, this one may take me four days.  I could probably do it in a day but it makes it too much like work, so I just do a couple of passes and then do something else for awhile.

Secrets of the Old Quilt!



Today, I went to the attic,

and found a quilt that grandma made.

The binding was worn, the pieces tattered,

and the colors had begun to fade.


There were silks and wools and calicos,

in a pattern of the nine patch kind.

They were precision cut and precision sewn,

with an intricate quilting design.


She pieced the top and the quilting bee,

helped her quilt the days away.

And they talked about everybody,

Who didn't help quilt that day.


Only if that quilt could talk.

Oh, the words that would be conveyed,

of the gossip at the quilting bee,

in the quilt that grandma made.....


(Author: Dallas Reed)


Life is Good!

Life is Good!

I've been working on my Fat 1/4 Breeze quilt and I'm getting close to having the binding done.  I plan to get the backing pieced for my QFH tomorrow and then get it loaded on the frame.

But, that is not why life is good.  I've been thinking lately how blessed I am. God has blessed us with three wonderful children and they  are all healthy and productive citizens.  We have 7 absolutely beautiful grandchildren,  We have a very nice house.  And, we have been blessed with a marriage of 37 years.

I have the time (since I am no longer working) and enough resources to be able to quilt and go when the kids need me. Yes indeed "Life is Good"  and God as blessed us greatly!!

My Singer Treadle !

This sits in my entry way and I have not used it but one of these days I'm going to see if it works. It appears to all be there. My mom used to have a treadle and I sewed on it when I was first learning how, so I would love to get this one going.


I'm Ready for Fall!

It felt more like summer than September.  It was 100 again today and the desert is dry and hot. They are working on the road so I stayed home, I did not want to sit out in a line waiting to be let through.  The worked at the end of our lane yesterday afternoon and this morning and it was really stinky but we now have a nice new road bed and I guess that is a good thing. 

I did get the deck stain finished and some cleaning done. I worked on the quilt frame a little,  so I feel like I accomplished something.

I'm ready for fall, I love fall when the the days are cool and nights are starting to get cold, quilt weather what could be better?.

Finally, a quilt on the frame!

I finally got a quilt loaded on the frame, it took me the better part of a day. I took it off and started over 3 times. I thought I was going to wear out the quilt top before getting it loaded.

So, I have made one pass and it looks pretty good. I'm still nervous when standing at the frame, I do not want to mess it up.  I'm also nervous because I do really well going from left to right but not going from right to left.  I know that will come with practice, but it still makes my knees knock.  LOL

My Charm Pack & Jelly Roll quilt from H***

Some time ago I bought , 2 charm packs and 1 jelly roll.  The charms are mostly plaids and stripes the Jelly rolls are floral, strips & paisleys, the plaids and stripes are not cut straight  and to straighten them out I would end up with too much gone so they are going to be sewn together as is, even though they are crooked I guess I will use them in a quilt to throw in the car to have for a table cover or to throw on the ground if needed.

I sewed the charms in 4-patches with a narrow 1" solid red sashing and it will be what it is.The sashing across the width is 3" and since I had to piece it to get it wide enough, I decided to use the navy.  I am planning on putting a navy border and I'm gong to try to bind it with the remaining Jelly Roll strips and if need be I will add the solid fabric to get a piece long enough to bind.

I think I'm done with the charm packs as they are too limiting and I don't like not washing my fabric before sewing, it makes me itch, I don't like the chemicals in the fabric.  So here is the top sans the border.



Well, I guess  I do like it better but I'm still very disappointed and it is one of those things I will look at and see what is wrong with it instead of what is okay.  It actually does look much better in person than in the picture. I think the blue painters tape really adds something don't you? LOL

What a great trip!

We had a wonderful trip. Spent a full and partial day with my son's family and the kids had a great time. My granddaughter played her final soccer match this year and grandma thinks she was awesome!   It was 5- to 7-year-olds and they really did play well, I was impressed.

On the way up we stopped in Baker City and had lunch.  There is a restaurant that has an elaborate model train set up.  They have a large display as you enter and then the trains travel throughout the restaurant, going past tables and overhead.  The boys loved it.

On the way home we met my daughter and SIL in Halfway, OR.  We had lunch and then my SIL took the boys to the playground and my daughter and I went to the quilt shop.  I was really surprised, it was quite large and had lots of wonderful fabric. They also have a coffee shop and an antique store. They were doing some construction so I would really like to go back some day.

On the way to Hell's Canyon we stopped and picked huckleberries, it was a lot of fun the weather felt like fall.  After we had picked for awhile the youngest grandson sat down, on a somewhat flat spot, so grandma sat down with him.  He would look up at me and grin and say "you have a huckleberry for me?"  So cute and needless to say, grandma did not have any huckleberries left in her container when we got ready to go.... LOL


CAUTION - Rant Follows!

I have spent the day trying to get the windshield replaced in my pickup and I'm so frustrated. I hate dealing with businesses, it seems they are all alike. First you go through the if you want x push 1, then you push 1 and you get if you want x push 2, you get  the picture.  I finally have the appt set and they are supposed to come here to replace the glass, then I have to take off and go to town and get the oil changed and pick up a few things.  I still have to get the PU cleaned out in case I am leaving it tomorrow when I pickup the new car. It needs the cruise replaced, part of a recall (another story, another rant LOL)

I have not sewed one stitch today and I'm grumpy, really grumpy.

I'm on a Roll!

I have been busy this morning.  I finished 3 pillow cases and sewed the rows of my Fat 1/4 Breeze together. I have a bunch of Fat 1/4s so I may just have to make another one of these.

After lunch I'm going to cut out and sew the borders on and then see if I have enough batting here to finish it.  I will have to go to town to get some backing and maybe batting. I'm debating if I'm brave enough to load it and quilt it or if I want to do a practice quilt first.  I will have to swap out my leaders befor I do anything. 

I am making progress!!!

Here is a picture of my top completed. It is hanging kind of crooked, I was not tall enough even on the stool to put it up any better.


Time Flies!

Wow, time is flying by.  It seems like yesterday that we had our first child and now my oldest grandaughter is losing her first tooth and 3 of my grandchildren will be in Kindergarten this year. They grow up way too fast.

Well, I got the blocks all sewn together into the 4 rows and the border fabric ironed and ready to cut.  I hung two rows up on my wall, there wasn't room for all 4 rows. And even though I have totally messed up the instructions, I think it is just fine. It is sure a good way to get rid of a bunch of Fat 1/4s.

I played with the frame a bit, I sure hope at some point I get brave enough to put a real practice quilt on there, one that if it is not totally messed up when I'm done I can donate. 

The hot weather broke a little.  We had a rain shower last evening and that cooled things off a bit and it has been overcast today so only up to 98, its pretty sad when that feels cool... LOL

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